Thursday, December 23, 2010


So I have a to-go box full of lasagna. I am really excited about this. I mean you have no idea. Today when I woke up I didn’t say I wanted lasangna but man oh man when I saw it in the pans at work an unspoken, ancient desire was awoken in me and the craving hit. Much like the way zombies crave flesh but better because I had lasagna. I wonder if I could use the VPN network to get around paying for WIFI at Books a Million? I don’t know I also don’t feel like installing it on my baby laptop so there is a mystery that will remain a mystery. I would renew my card but they stopped sending me coupons to my email and that pisses me off. Those coupons made it so that it was cheaper for me to order stuff from BAM than Amazon, and that is pretty amazing when you consider amazon’s prices. Alas though they stopped sending my coupons and Barns and Nobles has increased their perks. I mean holy shit free expedited shipping and 20% off hardcovers. The 20% off is important to me because a lof of the new comics book releases I buy are hard cover and amazingly the 20% applies to them. So yay!

I am tired of that topic though and I want to start a new one. I came here with firm intensions of writing about the movies I’ve seen recently because they are amazing. Some of them were very very sad like Air Doll and some of them were totally unexpected like Dinner Rush. I am glad all of them went into my eyes though. Unfortunatly as I sat down and prepared to write it hit me, I realized that I was really tired. Right now it feels like I am thinking through sludge so I will hold off yet again to write about my movies. This saddens me a little bit and I was hoping the Sunkist I’ve been sipping on would wake me up but unfortunately it is failing me. No matter I shall bravely trudge on writing happily about nothing.

I don’t know if anyone is going to read this but if you do have you ever writing about nothing? It is very relaxing and it is something I generally enjoy doing. The tyranny of specific topics is one of those things that I refuse to live under and instead, every once in awhile I like to just have a free range blog post. To write for no other reason than it is pleasant to do so. In a way it is a little bit like talking to yourself but for some reason this goes smoother and much more naturally. I think it is because no matter how uninhibited you become at talking to yourself there is a certain unnatural degree that taints the dialogue. It is something that I can hear in my writing and it saddens me because, blessedly, my life is full of witty dialouge but I can’t seem to transcribe the epicness of my life onto paper. I wonder why that is? Dialouge has ALWAYS been something I’ve been uncomfortable with. Ever since I was in the 4th grade and we had to write a scary story pop up book for holoween. It just seemed so much easier to summerize what the conversation entailed rather than to write out the conversation itself. I think I am going to try this again when I go back to the nano novel which I hope is soon. I expected to write more this month I really did, but I got wrapped up in catching up with magazines, reading novels, and City of Heroes. Now I am falling into a more comfortable groove I sincerely hope that I will go back to putting the pen to some paper.

Actually tomorrow. Tomorrow I will definitely do that. It will be lots of fun.

Speaking of fun I got impatient without a novel to read and so while I was waiting for the rest of my James Ellroy quartet I picked up Skippy Dies. Yes while waiting less than a week for some things to come in the mail I bought at 500+ page book. Whatever, it was that or some 1000+ page monstrosity that I can’t remember the name of but I want very badly. I really wish I remember who said this but one time a creative writing or English teacher said to me that any book over 200+ is bad because the author couldn’t make it any shorter. This struck me as a profoundly stupid assertion. It still strikes me as one, and yet I can almost see her point but not really. Oddly enough a lot of bestsellers are well over the 600 page mark, Tom Clancy, Mr. King both immediately spring to mind. I think he was making a point about accedemic worth or something like that, and to that end he does make an interesting observation. A lot of the Pulitzer prize winners, and small acedemic press novels do tend to be on the shorter, under 300 pages, side. I am glad this is starting to change, Skippy Dies is more than certainly worthy of writing more than a few papers and giving a couple of lectures on. Just drawing the parelles between Howard the Coward and Skippy gives you all sorts of textual toys to work with and I am only 200 pages in. The Kindly Ones is an 800 page epic that doesn’t fucking use paragraphs. Jesus that was one hell of a read though. And that book would be an absolute pleasure to write about, there is so much in it that there are any number of places you can go with it. I mean just the subject matter alone, a hightly educated gay Nazi officer who oversaw several acts of genocide is just incredible. So much happened in that book and so much of it is worth writing about. Man I think I am going to reread that sometime soon. That book is really a nerd heaven. The main character is a naturally curious sort so when he bumps into a linguist we are treated to five pages of the linguist talking about how the unique geograpic challenges presented by this one area made it so that there are something like 5 different languages isolated in this one 10 mile area. It is called the mountain of languages. It is really neat! I remember that scene so clearly because so many of the reviews I read bitched about that moment which I find to be unforunate. I wish I had the moxie for linguistics. That shit is the mathematics of language and it gets intense! I don’t though. I do have a TTC lecure on it though which I am dying to get into more. Right now I am plowing through the ecconimics stuff which has been pleasantly illuminating. For one it allowed me to figure out how internet pornography excists. I wanna go in that but that necessitates a paragraph change so here we go.

Welcome to your new paragraph! This one is going to be about how internet pornography excists. It is also about the general decline in the quality of pornography after the 1970’s when it became legal. If you haven’t done it, do it now. Poke around the internet and look at some porn,, will get you started. Dreadful stuff isn’t it. I wonder if anyone actually finds the closeup shot of the penis endlessly pumping into the vagina to be attractive. I hope so because they tend to dominate internet porn. Or BDSM stuff, I mean once they get tied on one of 6 things happen and then it is over. The quality is low, the sets are terrible, and the camera work would make any number of film students weep. See the thing is though is that this is something that percists throughout pornography. Even some of the more high quality professional non internet stuff still suffers from ridiculous props and those aweful extream closeup scenes. No one needs to see the razor burn on your vag kthnksbai. So now that the scene is set I can actually get around to point making. See ecconimics dictates that when there is competition in a market, and there is LOTS of competition in pornography, a better product will result. People will make shinier things in order to pull ahead of their peers. And yet with pornography, particularly internet pornography this isn’t the case. Crappy videos precist, and the quality remains low, WHY? I want better porn damnit. The answer is because pornography is in a state of perfect competition or rather near perfect competition. Perfect competition is the direct opposite of a monopoly. Hey I am waking up! WOO! So where a monopoly prevents any sort of competition perfect competition perfect competition means that anyone can enter the market and we all know that is true. I mean anyone with a droid, a willing partner, and a basic knowledge of web design can make a porno, hell amature stuff actually goes really well so I mean you already have a leg up on some of the more professional stuff. However, since everyone can participate that means the margins end up low, companies come and go, and it is hard to produce any sort of brand loyalty or market presecene. So companies tend to not stick around for very long, 5, maybe 10 years from now Bang Bros, and Brazzers will no longer excist and they will be over taken by new companies that will provide the same basic service. Now there is one final piece of the puzzle because the price of porn is still pretty much through the roof, when it shouldn’t be, especially considering how easy it is to get it legally free. I think it has to do with the sin factor. Somehow it manages to keep the air of scarcity when in fact it is indeed everywhere and it is more or less the same quality anywhere you go. Which is fascinating to me.

Anyway I am going to go eat my lasangna, read skippy dies, and enjoy my evening. TA!

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