Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And So It Goes

Oh before I end my lunch I need to remind myself to upload the second part of my novel to the interwebs. Last year I did daily or near daily updates and I kept track of my word count that way. This yeah it isn't working like that mostly because I've been spending a lot more time going back and editing.

Also before I forget the future:

Magic guy and outer god guy go and try to dispose of some of the books, virginity is revielded unternet guy is called in, hilarity ensues.

Wilson, Carla, scientist, clean Carla's house for a bit then they end up going and hunting down the gay bashers.

I am not sure who goes to china prolly magic and outer god guy and scientist gets called in. Okay.

Also if this novel were better organized I would have the events of the magic people and Wilson and Carla happening simultaneously instead of them being utterly seperate, you know through the *** method. I might eventually go back and do that once it is all written but I doubt it. I mean I haven't even spellchecked the damn thing yet :P. On the whole it is going alright though. For whatever reason my social life had a brief flurry of activity but that's over now thankfully and I'll be able to focus. The new city of heroes issue comes out on either the 16th or the 30th. I personally am hoping for the 30th so I can just focus on my novel without getting stupid uber excited about all the snazzy new stuff I wanna do.

Other than that, much like last year, this year's novel is turning into an utter crucible and much like last year's novel this year I have fallen into dispair, threatened to just end the whole thing, and then when night came around I sat down and did my writting like I was supposed to. So YAY! Much like last year this is more of a trimumph over the demons of self than a celabration of creation but whatever, I am still having fun in my own way.

Currently I am suffering from a bout of depression. This sucks. Still I've been able to write, and it has actually made sleeping a little easier so that's nice. This whole thing illustrates though that when I write fiction I write very slowly. I've also realized that my optimum daily fiction writing range is 1500-2000 words a day. It is always that last 500 words that is a killer for me, I don't know why. I've been exparamenting more with taking breaks and the only thing that has really resulted is that I end up staying up later. No bother really.

Alright well I guess I better get things posted then.

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