Monday, September 28, 2009

Poor Ballin Palin

There is a porno called "Who is Ballin Pallin" it is god damned hilariouse. The actress looks a lot like her too it is kinda uncanny. Anyway yeah Pallin she's stepped down from office, she has become the laughing stock of politics, and historicly she has become the political equivalent of a cum rag. And you know what? That's a fucking shame.

Here is why. It goes back to the Bush/Kerry election. God what a miserable puddle of shit that was. I mean Bush's reputation was in the crapper, there was an ocean of dissent surrounding the man, and the democratic parties canidate was SO pathetic that he caused people to rally to Bush because having him as a president would just simply be nightmareish. INCREDIBLE. That was definatly the sadest moment in political history as far as the democrats go. The saddest being the most recent presidencial race. Quick everyone how do you instantly win either black or woman voters. Have a black or woman canidate. Not a black woman though that is just to far out there. Plain and simple. What the democrats did is they went for the low blow. Fortunatly for them both Obama and Hilary are both extensively qualified candidates. It doesn't belie the fact that they went for the belt this past election because loosing to a retard is just pathetic.

So McCain tries to play silly buggers by throwing all that back in our faces, and from literally nowhere he scoops of Mrs. Palin. See while Obama and Clinton both were very qualified people Palin is not. She is still new to the political game and blah blah blah. We know all this already.

See it was smart to snatch her up. I mean Palin is new and her position isn't exactly one of power. She is mostly there to help drumb up votes, solve ties, and take over should McCain die, which might happen sooner than latter so it is a damn good thing her didn't get elected. She is young, attractive, devoted to her family, and she definetly represents that down to earth frontier like ideal that lots of Americans still hold in their hearts. She didn't work though. I'm not entirely sure why. I think people were still to confused, to angry over the last Bush administratio. Then Ron Paul wipped the country up into a protorevolutionary frenzy, then Obama road that frenzy to victory. Palin was to little to late.

See the sad thing is that given time she would of had a nice, long, rich, political career. I doubt she would of done anything outstanding. But she would of served her state well. Instead she stepped down.

Her stepping down could of been a brilliant move. She could of called out McCain on how her was just using her to get woman's votes, she could of called out Obama on any number of things, and she could of called out to the regular people. See I think she really captured the imagination of the regular people. She could of called out to them and told them that there is more to doing change, and making a world a better place than being a law maker. She could of told them how. She could say that she isn't stepping down so much as she is rejoining them and together they could help put their country back on the right track and keep it there.

Instead she made a muddled sport's metaphor was mocked for it and told to leave the lime light disgraced. Her's is a sad story really. Politics at its worse.

Oh well.

We can change human nature. We just need to not be lazy gits about it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Teh Joys of Reading

So recently I've started to heavily read books again. It isn't so much that I haven't been reading recently but it has been things like theory books, political journals, ecconomic journals, comic books, short stories, et cetera. I haven't been reading many novels though. This has started to change recently and now it is changing extreamly rapidly. Recently I just finnsihed a book called Brighton Rock by Gram Green. I first heard of Mr. Green because he is reffrenced in Donnie Darko,. They were reading a short story by him and the plot sounded neat. He's always been wandering around in the back of my mind, and then Time did this article on beach reading where they asked several prominate authors what they read when they go to the beach. Good old Brighton Rock showed up again. So I bought it because books are cheaper than comics and they last slightly longer. I like things that last longer.

It was good. No it was better than good it was great. It was great for all the strangest reasons though. Not a whole lot happened in the book. All the voilence happens off screen for the most part, and thous moments aren't nearly as important as all the other stuff that happens. However, the book doesn't draw its power from sequential causal events. It draws it from the fantastic intensity for which it is written. It is one of the most intense books that I have ever read not because of what happens, but because everyone who does anything is extraordinary intense about it. These are people who do not relax, they do not have fun, they all relentlessly persue their own goals with a fabulous fierceness that is compleatly maligned to the action of the novel.

It is unlike anything I've ever read before. It didn't relax. Not once, and that was freaking great.

The same night I finnished up Brighton Rock I consumed a graphic novel called The Marquis. Again something out of my normal reading experience. The book is about an older man who was once a solder and part of the inquisition who lives in a time of sin and debauchery. Then he starts seeing demons and in a holy vision he is given the weapons nessisary to hunt down and kill said demons. NEAT. In between all the moments of action he prays. His prayers are really the highlight of the book. He questions his santiy, his devotion to god and his saints, the nature of his mission, and all sort of things. For the most part he gets no answers and instead works through his problems his own way on his own terms. Honestly, I am so drawn to him because he is such a rare charecter in modern fiction. He is a deeply pious older man who is thrust into extraordinary circumstances. As the book rockets to its conclusion it gets increasingly more intense and I could feel its energy crackling all around me. There is something deeply impressive about both that man's writting and artisitc ability. I have lots to say about it but I think the point I want to make is that it was freaking cool, despite having a main charecter right out of a Hawthorn novel. It was fantastically well written.

It is nice to read great literature again. For awhile I had a hard time doing it. Not so much because I related it to school or anything. Hell I still do all that analyitcal stuff for fun. Sometimes I do it right here even. No it is the pacing. Now I am able to sit back and take as long as I want with my books instead of craming them into my head as fast as possible just so I can go read something else. That is just to much and for awhile I just wasn't used to it. However, that's changed now which is GREAT! I would of hated to rush through Brighton Rock. It was much nicer to just relax and let it happen to me at my own pace. Okay woo! Now I go home.

Oh something I've been meaning to do:

Brighton Rock


Health Care Finale

So far I've written two posts about health care. Ultimatly though it is all going to come to the following conculsion. Sorry kids I am just not for it.

I tried. I really did try to be all excited about health care reform and everything becoming good and better. Hell I am one of the people whjo it would directly benifit. Still. At the end of the day I think we are better off with out it.

Well that's all on that topic.

So I just finnished reading this book...alright fine.

Here is the deal. Am I for cheaper more afordable healthcare for everyone? yep. Am I against socialism. Nope. Am I against the socialization of health care? Nope.

But I am against the socialization of health care in this country.

Let's look at Europe for a minut. After all this is mostly europe's fault. The bastards. The have health care that is fucking awesome for just about everyone so don't we?

First and most obviously, the one big elephant in the room that everyone seems to be ignoring is the fact that every European country is a fuck of a lot smaller than Amercia. Hell you take Texas, California, and Florida and they will take up more landmass than most of the European countries. Well there is canada...yeah well Canada isn't exactly populated enough for it to work out. It maybe big but its population is small. We are just to damn big for a federal democracy to manage.

We don't have a nationalized health care system for the same reason why we don't have federal power companies, federal railway stations, federal road management, or a federal education system. This is because we DO have states, and it is simply easyer for each state to manage their own stuff like all of that rather than letting the federal government run amok with it. AMOK man that is a fun word.

The second reason, which ties into the first, is the relative weakness of our federal government. Lets take a look at china. China is a country that get's shit done. China has always been the country to get shit done. You look at some of the infastructure projects that they are undertaking? Fucking massive. Three gorges damn? Can be seen from space. Our railroad system? Built by them. China has managed to strike that golden balance between dictatorship and insanity. They currently aren't out to take over the world which is neat cause I am pretty sure they would win. However, they are able to get all these things done because the government goes to thier house and tells them to do things or die. Yeah our government can force us to move for a road or something like that but they always have to offer compensation and all sorts of other crap. China it really is do or die. Which is pretty impressive.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this are the European countries. Now this is going to be brief because I don't know a whole hell of a lot about European government. What I do know is that the European government has a lot more authority to enact change than our federal government does. In fact I would liken their powers to the power wielded by our state governments. Weee!

Now here is our country. We essentially have two governments. We have each individual state government which can function on its own, and we have a federal government which allocates funds and tries to make all the states play nice at the same time and honeslty that is all it can do. We saw the weakness of our federal government when it came to Katrina. Federal troops were mobilzed and ready to go pretty much at the drop of the hat. It didn't have to be near the disaster that it was. However, the state wouldn't let them in. It is just that simple.

Having a national healthcare plan really does circumvent 90% of the reason we have states. We aren't China. We can't make people do things by pointing a gun at them and telling them to go. Mostly because those American's who haven't forgotten the second amendment are all armed. Part of the reason why that shit is there. By having states the federal government can concern itself with the bigger picture, while states deal with their own individual stuff which all varies on a state by state basis. Removing all the moral, fear based arguments from all of this, it isn't wrong so much as it is massivly impractical. States are a tool use them.

There is also the problem of change. I mean which happens when the healthcare bill needs adjusting? We are going to have to go through this shit every 5 years? God no. If we don't though the whole thing will collapse in on itself.

So yeah no federalized health care. It just isn't a good idea for this country and it goes against some of its fundamental design structures. So what would I do instead? Yeah really smart people just spent all this time trying to figgure this shit out so I don't know.

It it were up to me though I'd prolly scale it something like minimum wage. Have a certain bare minimum each state has to provide and then let each state make adjustments as nessisary depending on their individual needs. I think this could be a much better system than going everyone gets cheap insurance and someone else figgure it out.

Honestly my way might end up being the same thing in most cases. But at least a state can be more atentive to details than a federal government can... or something like that. Either way I am just a person who doesn't have the reasources to come up with a plan. But that is where I stand.

To be honest I haven't met many people who are FIRMLY for the healthcare changes which is interesting. Anyway the federal plan isn't going to work, republican's are jumping ship, and that means if this does pass it will be a miricle at this point. I'm interested either way.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Riddence News Papers

For awhile there has been doom and gloom surrounding the future of city news papers. Well recently it just happened. No seriously it did. Ann Arbor Mitchigan is the first decently sized city to loose their news paper.

I think there is supposed to be some sort of reaction about this. Something akin to shock, horror, the tut tuting of anti intellectualism, and blah blah blah. But fuck all that shit. I don't know about many local news papers but I know that if it is ANYTHING like the pensacola news journal that it is time that it dies the death it so richly deserves. There was a time where news papers used to be worth something. There is also no reason why the current news paper couldn't be worth something. People are switching more to alternative news sources, people like Rush, Beck, O'Reilley are getting more coverage than they ever have in the past and it isn't because of their media stunts. NO it is because there is a huge, HUGE segment of society that want to know more. They want to understand the world around them and hey lets face it murders and bullshit aren't doing it anymore.

Murderers and bullshit. Man that is what the news paper mostly is now. See here is the thing. There are 3 major 24 hour news networks. These networks get by on anything from 6 to 4 hours worth of programming. They also fail to go in depth in any real meaningful way on any topic. This is a void that news papers could be filling. They could also be dispencing, you know actual information. Instead of taking each murder one at a time they could compile weekly statistics showing where danger areas are and how to avoid them. There are tons and tons of things that can be done.

Instead of doing any of these things news papers are clinging to outdated ideas of what people want to read, and the way it needs to be presented to them. As a result they are in a bind. Not because tv is doing a better job, or because bloggers are taking over. No fuck that. It is because they failed utterly at moving with the times.

I got into this argument once with my journalism teacher in highschool. It wasn't that I couldn't get the inverted pyramid right it was that she and I disagreed on what contituted an important fact. She liked me, she realized I was a good writter and that I wasn't afraid to stand up to her at all. But damn did we disagree on execution. Did we ever. Now her way is failing. Human interest stories aren't that interesting and blood is no longer selling. So oh well your papers are dying? Adapt or perish.

This goes back to something I said regarding the fate of small locally owned stores vs Mega marts. Small local store owners, lock up at 5pm clean up, are home by 6, and they complain mercilessly about how walmart is eating their business up. Well news flash assholes no one likes shopping at walmart. NO ONE. They do it out of nessesity because all the little locally owned stores close at 5 when we are getting off work.

Ecconimics, insurance, and health

The rising cost of health care...

Lets stop there. A lot of people talk about the rising cost of health care but no one really talks about why the health care costs are rising. Or for that matter why they are so fucking high in the first place. See there is a huge elephant in the room that everyone knows about to one degree or another but no one seems to want to adress directly.

That is health insurance. They have seriously fucked things up.

Huh wuh? Why? Okay wow I am much shorter on time than I though. TURBO MODE.

Doctors are allowed to fix prices that are in no way related to anyone's income or are even appropriate to the treatment being given. Lets take an x-ray for example. You bring your pet to a vet x-ray may cost something like 70 bucks. They used to have x-ray machines in shoe stores for acurate measurement of your feet. Then we learned about radiation and many people died. Still it happened. So there IS NO REASON to charge 500 bucks for an x-ray. None.

Why can they? Simple. You have health insurance? Sure you do! The prices of any and all medical expensies can be fixed to an insurance companies income not your own. So doctors can charged, 50/100 bucks to just give you a check up when they are doing the equivalent of giving you an oil change.

As a result doctors can get away with their extensive vacations, price gouging, and bankers hours. Doctors have it easy in our country. FAR to easy, and it is the insurance companies that make it possible.

This isn't a direct result of evil by the way. It is just how things work in capitalism. Items are priced twords the incomes of people buying the product. Ergo, who pays for medical expenses? Well 90% of the time it is the insurance companies. So the price is set thusly. This is wrong though. It is also dangerouse.

Everyone is worried about death panels now? Fuck insurance companies have been doing it for years. Wake up and look around.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Health Care

So I've been relativly quiet regarding the healthcare debate. Mostly because it is just something that I'd rather just let happen around me than deal with directly. Also while I feel that need a massive overhaul to our healthcare plan I think that forcing everyone to get insurance isn't the answer. I mean we forced everyone to get car insurance and that's great! But I have the minimum insurace possible because I can't afford any more. Should something happen where I need my insurance I am fucked because my deductibles are high and the damage covered is pretty low. So sorry guy.

The same thing will happen with health care. Sure I'll have insurance but it won't be enough to actually do anything.

Of course right now I sound like a conservative so lets branch the conversation out a bit rather than leaving it focused on myself...even though I am far more interesting.

Issue one with healthcare. 80% of American's are satisfied with their current healthcare plan. I didn't make that up I got it out of the august issue of Time Magazine which is well worth the subscription I must say. That is a statistic that boggled my mind until I started to deconstruct it. That is going to be the rest of this entry then I am going home and eating because I REALLY want to.

First of that 80% I have to wonder just how many people have made any sort of signifigant use of our healthcare system. I bet the number is pretty low, I'd bet pretty solidly actually that the number is really low.

Next America is one of the most unhealthy industrialized nations in the whole fucking world. No seriously. This is the conversation that nobody is having at the moment. As I talked about last post we have people giving themselves scurvy because they aren't eating right, on the flip side obesity is rampant, and we have the hightest infant mortality rate of any industrialized nation in the world by a wide margin. Why is the infant mortality rate so high? They don't know studies are being done left and right but they are starting to realize that it is partly to do with the insanely poor health of the mothers. Parents don't go to annual check ups, and fuck they don't really bring their kids to annual checkups either. There is a huge faction of people who wait until they are nearly dead before they go to the doctors only to realize that massive amounts of pain and discomfort could of been avoided had they just gone early.

Health is one of those things that is just so utterly, and pathertically misunderstood in our country. We are ignorant of the way our bodies function to a fault, and as a result we have massive problems with our health, from these healthcare problems arise. We have people who eat like shit but excercise thinking that the two will balance each other out (they don't). We have people who think they can not sleep for days on end and crash then when the crash is over everything is fine and they are good to go again (they aren't). We have scurvy kid who if I ever meet him I will prolly chew him out for his utter stupidity.

In short we have a nation full of people who don't know how to take care of themselves claiming that they are getting perfectly acceptable healthcare.

No wonder why it is a hard sell.

The thing is I am part of the problem, I am just as ignorant as the rest. So what can I do? Really though I want a world where I can get a 6 month check up, and be able to afford to pay for whatever it is we find because we caught it early enough. That's not a world I live in now and I don't think that is a world Obama can give us.

Next time I tackle this issue (prolly tomarrow) I'll go into things like why the costs are so out of control and some other stuff, but right now I am fucking hungry.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fuck you Mom and Dad

I am no longer 16. So doing the whole blame the parents thing is no longer cute. It wasn't cute at 16 either, but you know what I mean. At least I had people around who kinda understood.

Still though, there is some points and times where we as a society or at least as a group of people need to stand up and say, "You, yes you, you did a shitty job raising you kid."

Specifically I am talking about Scurvy.

Scurvy, for thous of you who don't know is, a severe lack of vitmen C. Your gums go to shit and your teeth start to come loose, along with spots on the skin. ONE LIME A MONTH can prevent scurvy. Maybe a little more than that but not much. It is something you get when you are severely malnourished.

There was a case of Scurvy at UWF. See what had happened was. This kid's parents decided he didn't need a meal plan they could just send him 200 bucks every other week and make it work out. Now see eating off of 100 bucks a week isn't bad. Not bad at all, it requires a little bit of budgetting and not shopping at publix but it is easily doable. Instead this kid went to Sam's club and bought lots of ramen, tons of energy drinks, and pocketed the rest of the cash. A couple of months of this and the kid came down with scurvy.

Now here is where the story should end. BUT no. His parents get involved. The run though housing waving torches and pitchforks claiming neglegence on the part of the school. The school who was responciple for a crippled girl getting raped no to long ago due to actual neglagence bent over backwards instead of doing what they should of done.

Lets face it folks. This kid was 18 years old. At this point he is a fully functioning adult both physically and leagally. This kid can sign a lease, get a job, move, and do all sorts of awesome adult things, cause this kid is an adult! When the health center asked about his diet his reason for not eating any fruit or vegtables was that, "he just didn't like them".

At this point someone needs to sit down and explain to those parents that their kid is an idiot. A tumbling tumbling idiot and they did a terrible job preparing him for the real world. Did I fuck up? Yes I did. I most certainly did. Oh god no paragon of perfection here. But that is the thing I FUCKED UP. I was able to correct my mistakes because I knew better, because despite all the shit thouse assholes who raised me fucked up they did teach me about consiquences, and that I should live in such a way that I should never expect any one else to help me, and some other thing I can't quite put down at the moment. This kid couldn't be bothered to eat a piece of fruit.

So yeah his mistakes became everyones and the stuff incoming freshmen have to do when they get to collage now is relatively insane. Yet we have people running around that school who have no buisness being there. People who needed a few more years in the oven before being unleashed upon the world. These are the people who make us afraid to advertise anime club. Sad but true.

...Sooooo 9/11 totally happened

It is wierd because no one really seems to care anymore which is rather sad but it is also rather appropriate. My own feelings about the whole event are mixed and bizarre. On the grand scale of things Columbine had a much more noticable effect on the way I live my life than 9/11 did. I felt that attack far more and it effected me on a number of personal ways that, while are all very interesting, not the subject of this blog. 9/11, by contrast, sort of washed over me in this nonchalant wave. Thousands of people died and it really really sucked but the whole thing just failed to resonate with me. The day it happened I threw someone out of my room for waking me up while he was trying to tell me what happened. When I eventually woke up I came out watched the news for an hour then looked around at my friends and dorm mates. They were, stunned, some traumatized, some transfixed by the tv which had been repeating the same facts over and over again ever since the second tower fell.

I looked at these people and and the lack of information being spewed forth by the news and I declared that it is now movie time, and went and got something light from my room. The Usual Suspects. After that it was like a spell had been broken. They relaxed started to function again, and once the movie was over they checked the news, then we watched another movie. This progressed on wards until late into the night but that first inintial jolt. Man those guys really needed it.

Other people needed it too. People latter on were unable to leave their houses fear for they would miss some valuable piece of news that would some how make all of this make sense. Like litterally they didn't leave their houses for weeks, for some people it became a severe problem for some people. Of course going to collage has shown me that there are pleanty of people wandering around this country whoes parents did a shit job raising. But whateva.

I'm not one for retrospectives of major events. I've never done a columbine one, I don't even know when pearl harbor happened, and I only bearly celebrate my birthday. But hey this is diffrent, and I am not entirely sure why. I didn't do a lot to remember 9/11, mostly I watched part of the first season of Rescue Me.

I like that show and I LOVED the first season of it. The first season really seperated out the diffrences between us and them. These were all people who were actually there at ground zero pulling charred mangled bodies out of the wreckage. All the charecters in the show were fundamentally damaged by this event and as a result their ability to deal with the world around them was also fundamentally changed. They just wanted to go on with their lives and they couldn't. They were stuck, held down by the crushing weight by something so enormous that I can't even really comprehend it. And yet...yet these people were there for all of it.

I think one of my favorite episodes is when one of the firefighters went to a post traumatic stress group and discovered it was full of housewives who got scared of the tv. No one in the group was actually there, and they had no idea what post traumatic stress actually was. The way he chewed them out was fan-freaking-tastic.

Sadly later seasons start to fail. It becomes less about damaged people and more about sevearly bad people who have shit things happen to them. Its still good but it isn't like that first season. That first season tapped into a pulse, it was smart, funny, sad, and it collected the feeling of a unique moment in our history that you can't ever really understand, unless you were there. Of all the media to come out surrounding 9/11 that show got it the best.

They didn't make it about politics, or conspiracy theories, or any of that other shit that people try to make 9/11 about. Michael Moore is paticualry bad about this as he will just sort of throw around planes hitting a building because it makes his point better. The thing is that 9/11 wasn't about any of that.

It was about people. That day thousands upon thousands of people had the worst day of their lives. Its worth reflecting on.

I know that years from now people will forget about 9/11 just like I forget about the bombing of pearl harbor. Already people let the day pass without any real thought. Although I would rather that then it be turned into another shopping day, which would be extra fucking lame.

Alright I said my piece. Yep I reflected and everything. So I am moving on to a different topic. Mmmmyep

Monday, September 7, 2009


So when I sat down today to write this I was going to delete the previouse post and start it again. Writing a blog entry about anything while wrapped in the comfortless arms of a mind crushing migraine is a recipie for failure. That and I couldn't link to the youtube videos I needed to make the whole point about the Beckster make better sense cause I forgot that work blocks youtube.

I also don't feel like writting about the man who was thurday. This is mostly because I don't feel like going and doing the required reading from the book of genesis. That does make sense I promise. So I am here with a brandy new blog post, and I can't really justifying deleting an old one unless I replace it with something better. Like your mom. So bravely we forge ahead.

I want to write about Vampire the Eternal Struggle. I love this game. No seriously I fucking LOVE this game. Last night I fired up boondock saints and just puttered around with deck ideas for three hours. I love how elegant the game system is, how important making deals can be, the fine art of bullying, and how there is a deck type that will cause all players to put aside their other agendas just to beat that player into the god damned dirt. I love how when I tear open a booster I cheer when I get my 20th copy of a card because you need lots and lots of doubles in order to suceed at the game, I love how every card does 2 diffrent things, I love how combat can be raw and terrifying and yet not something at all related to actually winning the game. I love all of these things about it and more. And yet I have a hard time justifying buying more cards. This is partly due to the fact that I have very few people to play with. It is also compounded by the fact that there are complications when it comes to deck building. I can't build one amazing deck, because then the other players will just get run over. SO I need to build at least 3 amazing decks, and that's tuff. Well not tuff persay it just takes awhile. Especially since everything I am really drawn to is spread out over three sets. It would help if I could get someone into it just enough for them to buy their own cards, that would make my life 5 times easier. Oh well.

I have three decks I really really want to make.

1) An Assemite/Black Hand death deck. This would be a toolboxy/bruise bleed deck. The idea is lots of aggravated damage and focused attacks keep the battlefield more or less the way I like it. II would have enough intercept to make sure that my grand prey doesn't get to uppity, and I would use Fames both as a deterrent from pissing me off and as an offensive tactic. Straight wins would be slightly difficult with the deck but I think with a couple of decently capped Assemites, I could really terrorize the living hell out of the table.

Lucky me! I almost have the crypt assembled. I need a couple of more copies of a few vampires and once I get them I'll be off to the races. I am actually really excited because I love the idea of horrible insta pain damage.

2) A Nosferatu deck. I don't know what I want to do with this deck exactly. The neat thing about Nosferatu is that they can do all sorts of really terrible things to you. Their vampires seem to excist to be just plain old annoying, and they have the capability to be irritating in every aspect of gameplay ranging from combat to voting. The weird thing about them though is that they all have the ability to be balls to the wall combat monsters, on top of being made out of asshole. They are really weird and I am very much looking fowards to using them. It is just that I am not quuuuuiiiiittttteeee sure what sort of deck I should make around them. I could make all sorts of things really. I am thinking of making the vote deck from hell. Ventrue vote decks are way to polite for my tastes. They are certainly effective but they lack the sort of malicious intent that the nosferatu can bring to the table.

3) I want a deck that uses a lot of allies. I think it is going to end up being an African themed deck, I dunno I need to figgure out what is in some of the older african precons, and then work my way through until I can get lots and lots of allies. I'm thinking of a warewolf army because in the current expansion they are plentiful and fun. The other thing that is cool about the current expansion is that it is big on superstar vampires, which is a concept that I can seriously work with.

Ah well I gotta go back and pretend to work now. Adios!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Woo so last night I had a pretty nasty migraine. Light started to suck, and all sorts of other things. Despite all of this I still managed to finnish my book "The Man Who Was Thursday". It was a neat book. I liked it. The thing about it though is that it was very victorian. Very very Victorian. Part of the way in I predicted the way the book was going to go. I knew that all the members of the secret anarchist council were going to be members of the philosphical police. I also knew that the man who recruited them was also the sinister head of the anarchist council Sunday, and lastly I also knew that when the ending of the book happened, depite all my accurate predictions, I would not understand Sunday's motives nor would I understand the imagry used at the end of the book.

I was right about that too. See that is the thing about victorian literature. Often times I find it to be dull and shockingly predicatable, even to the point where I can predict when it won't be dull or predicatble. However, it also can provide the most curiouse of thought puzzles to try and work through. I am happy with the book.

Now that I've slept on it, and meditated just a little bit I think I have a better handle on why the ending happened in the way that it did. I kind of want to write about it but at the moment my head is to filled with cotton to really get a handle on anything more complex than my desire to talk about stuff. Right now it feels like I am trying to jump start my brain with a nearly dead battery.

OH! So a lot of people have been talking about Glenn Beck. I don't have cable, and I don't watch Fox even if I did, so I have missed out on the Beckster for the most part. Last night though I decided that it was time I gave him a looksee. So I asked old Uncle youtube to show me a story. The first thing I saw by Beck was him talking about how the Fed was printing tons and tons of money with nothing to back it up, which he predicted would kill our dollar. It was an older video and he was right, the value of our dollar is going down, the rest of the world is looking to come up with a new standardized currency, and well he was right. Not only was he right but the clip I was watching was him going back and explaining why this was such a problem. See the day before he put up a chart, without really explaining it very well and when this came to his attension he went back and explained it better so his viewership would have a clearer understanding of the problem. Twords the end of the clip he did some gimmicky pot shots at some politicians but all in all it was a very sober affair.

Then I watched the start of another clip, Becky went out and found all these islamic extreamists groups hate propaganda and put it together in an hour long segment which I didn't watch. Before the segment started though he came out and said, "I am not a reporter. I am a conservitive, everything I am presenting to you is through this conservative prisim, I believe in order to have balanced broadcasting practices that you need to get highly opinionated viewpoints along with straight facts to get a full picture, I work in the media and I hadn't seen these clips until now. These are things that are not being shown to you". Neat. He came out stated his purpose and then showed off some hate speach.

Then I found some more modern clips. Bill Oriley calling Glenn Beck crazy being one of them, and the other is from Beck's radio broadcast where he starts making histerical shrieking sounds.

In all cases I looked at the youtube comments. Actually first I want to do the phone call video. The thing is that the person making the call is an idiot. See Beck was being rude and condensending to her, but you know what? She deserved it! Well not the shrieking part that was insane. But she was a stupid woman who clearly had little to know idea what she was talking about. Her whole argument was that in England you walk into a doctor's office and sign a form and that is all you need to do and that is the way it should be. Which is cool but it addresses exactly ZERO of the problems surrounding the health care debate.

Now I will do the Youtube comments. In every youtube comment ever