Friday, June 15, 2012

So Lets Try This Again!

Yesterday I decided to write a blog post because I haven't in awhile and WHY NOT!  I mean I should be working on my game or Shadowrun but a little free writing is good for the soul.  Anyway I started writing about how complex wargaming is hard, and how I don't like Vassal, and some other stuff and it all came out sounding really frustrated and highly negative.  I was troubled by this and I realized once again that I very much need a vacation and to relax.  Some definite chilling will be happening on my next two days off.  I mean outside of work I am happy and optimistic.  On some level it is a little troubling how compleatly I can compartmentalize what happens here at work versus the rest of my life.  On the other hand, whatever essential survival tool for the win.

Since my vacation is going to be quite a ways away I need to focus on some other things like changing gears and short term problem solving.  That is starting right now and both of those things seem to be working out pretty well.

In other news I am excited to be running shadowrun.  Normally I want to tell a grand story and do all this stuff and throw the system to the wind.  However, this time I really want to take the time and get the system down.  I'll learn the ins and outs and become really good at it.  Right now I have a really decent group of players who understand what I want to be doing and they are okay with that.  They also are playing a nice variety of classes that will really allow me to spread out and try a few bunches of things.  Like vehicle chases which I am pretty excited about.  I want to start planning but it looks like Kelley will be joining us after all so I wanna see what we come up with for him before I do anything to serious.

I also want some new board games but before that, last night we played Puerto Rico and I didn't do horribly!  I normally do at that game.  I am not sure why, but I seem to have a hard time getting a rhythm down.  It is the same problem I have with Jagged Alliance 2 actually.  I just don't really know how to functionally approach the game, and I seem to have such a hard time with money production.  Or I have an AMAZING time with money production and then I end up shipping nothing and loosing the game.  This time though I did okay.  I went Indigo king and one other player tried to but I was able to lock him out each and every time, and since I had the foresite to build a warehouse and the hacienda I was never short workers and should I get screwed shipping my warehouse saved me.  I did good!  Not great but certainly not aweful and it was the first game where I actually felt present during play.  So I am pretty happy.  Right now I just need to balance my cash production a little better and I would of been golden.  I wanted to break into coffee I really did but at no point during the game did I have enough for a roaster.  I also needed at the minimum a market and possibly an office.  Also buying a warehouse before I could produce anything might have been a mistake but I wanted to grab one before they ran out,

My lunch is over but this is 1000% more upbeat so I am glad this is happening to me.  I am doing good now and things are going to happen hooray!  Alright back to work.

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