Friday, January 25, 2013

Gaming Blah Blah

So it has been nearly a month since I updated this blog.  Part of that was due to the plauge which turned into a week and a half ordeal and part of it had to do with the fact that that I've been doing more rpg writing.  Lastly and the biggest reason is that since my computer only boots sporatically when it does I play the crap out of mine craft instead of doing useful things like updating my blog or stuff like that.  I kinda want to post my rpg stuff to my/a blog but I don't really do it often enough and it is ROUGH at the moment although it is pretty much the only writing that I willingly go back and edit which is weird and nice.  I've been doodling Mutants and Masterminds stuff getting my world more fleshed out and kinda putting my notes all in one place.  It is nice I do like gming that game though it is basically what if everyone on the Avengers is Thor's power level not just a bunch of people at disparate power levels working together to contain threats.

The next time I do it I wanna run a Suicide Squad/Thunderbolts style game because I think that would be an absolute blast.  I don't know when and how this will happen but I do want it to.

Moving on.  I have real topics.  Like I very much want to weigh in on the whole gun control thing again because it is important.  Again I advocate an attitude change not necessarily a law change but laws will factor into it.  I could do this but I don't feel like it.  This week has been emotionally weird for me and I just want to hang out a bit.  Also I will have to go find a bunch of links and I don't wanna.  Maybe I'll do it tomorrow night because that seems like a good Saturday night activitiy as opposed to picking up bitches or whatever the hell it is people do.

Back to fun things I want to go back to skirmish wargaming again.  I miss playing Malifaux a lot and I want to do it more but there is mainly the problem of time and opponents.  There is also the matter of just about everyone I know picking up the Relic Knights kickstarter but no one having the time to really play a skirmish game.  So I am hoping I can either make it happen on Friday's every once in awhile or perhaps Sundays with just James and random nights during the week with Cory/whomever else. 

In random news Sentinels of the Multiverse is now officially on my list of things I want.  It is cheap, co-op, with a variable difficulty and it looks like it is a lot of fun.  That combined with the new Battle-Con game will make a nice pairing of stuff.  I wasn't that interested in it before but it would be nice to have a co-op game that isn't as difficult to break out as Arkham, and as fiddly as Lord of the Rings.  As an aside I miss playing that game and I want to get more cards but it keeps getting shunted to the side because of other stuff coming out.

Alright lunch time is over and I feel great!

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