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Throwing egg at the wall. It occurs to me that the last time I've seriously written fiction it didn't go as well as I would have liked. It also occures to me that I actually used to be good. The probelem is multitudiouse. Still I am going to make headway. It is the new project.

So I've found the place to write, Books of Million of all places, yeah I know! I used to not be able to say this place's name without sneering in contempt, but then I realize something, everyone sneers this places name in contempt so it has just the right mix of populated with anti socicial miscriants, and quiet. Unlike Barns and & Noble which is where I will go if I feel like meeting new people.

Biggest hurdle overcome, in fact I am sitting in my new home right now, and I am trying to decide on a place where I will be sitting from now on. That's not interesting to anyone else but me. Choosing where to sit is important to me.

Step two is a little bit harder. I got this style more or less down, the happy go lucky exposistion and I can pretty much talk about anything like this from role playing games to complex literary theory like this. Of course I've been writting like this for awhile now. One thing I need to work on is cutting down on explanation of certain things. Part of the problem with myspace is that I became consiose of my audience. Hence the move, now I have gone back to throughly screaming into the void.

I want to get going again with Fiction. The writters block I am currently experienceing is of no consiquence, right now I have certain concerns over matters of style. So once again the great haiku matchine will be booted up again. Haikus! People get all bent out of shape by Haikus and I've never really understood why. Then I thought about it for half an hour and figgured it out. Its the 5 7 5 syallble structure, gets to people. Of course when you are writting in Chinese you can say a fuck of a lot more in 5 syallbles than you can in english. Multi language phonetic concens aside my issue is one of sentence sturcture. ANd nothing causes you to vary a sentence structure than ramming things into 7 syablles. Woo.

SO there is a start but now we need to move fowards, and that means out and out poetry. I can feel sasha grinding her teeth in rage at this thought. To boil down her prefered form of expression into a linguistic tool to aid me in my preferred form of expression seems profane. Even sans sasha the idea of using poetry as a doorway to writting worthwhile prose seems so delightlfully backwards and preverse that I will engage in it forthright. I figgured between the Haikus and poetry the actual prose will show up when it is ready. I'll start with little snippets of things, which remindes me I need to make some writting playlists. Me and the minibar is going to have to be on it. I also think I am going to end up stirring up the black sick that acculatges at the bottom of my soul where the black bugs live growing fat off of my fear and insecurities. So I'll need a can of hairspray a butane lighter and a new pair of steel toed boots, oh and some rotten meat but I can get that from work. I used to believe the black bugs were real, and I think they will become a predominate image throughout my writtings.

I think most of my past attempts at poetry have failed because, quite simply I couldn't do it. Being ostracized wasn't what I was afraid of, I mean it already happened. No there was the very real fear of being drugged into an oblivion at the hands of some head peeper. That was a real concern of mine. However, I am the only voice left, the last one standing. There is nothing but soot, ashes, bugs, and me. Still alive and strolling through the wasteland where not even the dead want to hang onto life. It will be like an adventure only there will be nothing but fear, pitty and pain for rewards. YAY.

I do the ultra dark thing when I write it is going to happen. The trick is to make it so that I am not grimdark gothy goth. The line between Maldoror and Gainman (minus all the parts of him that suck). What I need to be is the diffrence between The Comedian and Wolverine. Both the perfect warriors but one doesn't suck. Its like licking the bellys of maggots, and finnally not wretching for the first time. That's the sort of thing I need to do. But in order to do it I am going to need to scrape off the rust (sorry salad fingers) and oil the matchinery.

That's what poetry will let me do. Who knows maybe once I start I'll never look back which would be sad because it would negate the need for this contraption that i am using to write this right now. I like this pocket pc it is far more portable than a laptop, and it doesn't make my lap hot.

Note to self download "King of Pain"

I don't think that is the actual name of the song but it will get me to where I am going.

You know for the life of me I don't know why I dropped the erotica project. I think I'll pick that back up. I also want to get going on the friday the 13th thing. It will be a hoot, some of those movies I actually enjoy, namely 6 & 7. The main problem I have is that it fits the source material to well. It is such an obviouse match that it won't ever go anywhere. Hell even the series most conveluted moments work perfectly.

Take the end of 4, leading into 5, and capping out at 6. The end of 4 the little smart kid disguises himself as the childhood Jason in order to confuse Jason allowing for his bigger sister, and ultimatly the little boy to defeat jason once and for all.

This drives the little boy insane, during 5 we see him as a much older boy in an institution trying to cope with some bad shit. Then some asshole dresses up as Jason and goes on a killing spree.

In 6 the same kid acidently raises Jason from the dead (yeah talk about luck) and the whole thing starts all over again until old hocky face goes back to the bottom of the lake.

Now according to violence and the sacred this all makes sense. See literature is filled with subsitutions in order to trick a maruding force. Jason and the Argonauts hid within the belly wool of the sheep in order to escape the cyclopse. The Cyclopse, recently blinded at this point, would run his hands over the backs of the sheep to make sure no one was sneaking out, yeah so the cyclopse isn't to bright but Jason is a retard so they work well together.
We also have the biblical example of Isaac Jacob and Esau. Esau is the favored son of Issac and Issac wants Eboy to give him his final blessing. Issac's mother Rebecca overhears the request and helps Jacob to trick Isaac, first by prapring the meat Isaac requets then by covering Jacob's arms with the skin of a Kid (baby goat asshole) so that when Issac feels Jacob's arms he will be hairy like Esau.

In both cases the animals serve as sacrificial subjects to allow for the machinations of the men involved.

Back what happens at the end of 4. The little kid who I am arbitrarrly nameing Jimmy Teeth, turns Jason into the sacrificial subject. Buh? See in the other examples men disguied themselves either as animals or using animals. Animals are a prototypical subject of sacrifice in ancient culturues I know these things I am a beetle and beetles are good scholars.

In the 4th Friday the 13th Jimmy Teeth disguises himself as the thing causing the violence. This is not an exceptable sacrificial subject. To give you an idea this would be like Mr. Argonaut (look his name is Jason too so to save confustion we will be calling him Mr. Argonaut) disguising himself as a cyclopse to escape, or like Jacob disguising himself as Issac.

What happens, within the symbolic function that sacrifice represents is that Jimmy Teeth becomes the sacrifical subject to defeat an avatr of reveng (jason) however in so doing he himself becomes sacrificed (his insanity). However since this is not an acceptable sacrificial subject he assumes the identity of the avatar of revenge (end of the 5th movie where he has a mask and knife) and so in the 6th movie he has to face down Jason once again. Jason, during the 6th movie, becomes fixated of Jimmy Teeth and will only halt his murderouse rampage once Jimmy teeth makes himself apparent.

There is also a part in the Voilence and the Sacred where he talks about how when there is no sovign subject to help releive chisises caused by violence rectifying the spiral caused by revenge violence is a long and belabored process.

So yeah two pooints in one fell swoop, come on this shit is to easy for me. SO I might abandon this project or reduce its scope so that I only talk about movies 4-6. The point I would be making in 7-10 would be nothing more than location, space, psychic powers, are all incapalbe of stopping the destructive force of regenge and I would be hammering home the point of how just because the object of rage isn't present doesn't mean there won't be voilence.

The first three movies would be roughly the same thing. SO it is reall; the middle where things get most complicated, it is also where the franchise hits its stride most throughly. So the extra space would be just spinning wheels really. I could do that, but I am better than that. SO Ha!

However, out of this little escapade comes another thought. See religion is effectivly dead as a source of moral guidence for our society as a whole. Okay dead is to strong of a word but they wouldn't be so panicy regarding abortion and stuff. Lets face it lots of people say they are christians but the number of people who actually attend church on a reguar basis is much less. Then out of those church goers that actuall christians are fewer still. So...yeah. Where do we get our moral makeup from? In theory our parents, however I got most of my moral makeup from everyone around me and then thinking about the things I saw and felt so I am not so sure how this is going to work.

ESSENTIALLY. In ancient cultures there was no system of justice, which meant that revenge violence could be extrodinarly damaging. As a result there were extream amounts of prevension in place, ie sacrifice. Our culture is the inverse. We have a sovign subject (courts) who mediate revenge violence so the focus on prevension isn't as nessiary. However, it still excists, and the Friday the 13th series is part of that prevension, along with the remains of reliogion, and whatever else forces morality down our throats.

Whew. So I might want to do a little thing on that because it is neat. It also fits in with comic books. Specifically ghost rider who is a specific sprit of vengence...as a super hero. Sovign subject activate! I wish there were more trades of the good Dan Ketch years, cause Jonny Blaze can make for some rough reading occationally. Still I got some Garth Ennish and Jason Arron books to fall back on, so I'll see what I can rustle up.

Okay well that's enough of this for a little bit.

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