Friday, March 13, 2009

No I'm Not Dead

Heya, nope not dead. No one is that lucky. I have however, have been having the worst time trying to find the time to write. I haven't been sleeping well recently, and it just got worse since daylight savings time so I've been really tired a lot lately. I've also been strangely busy with lots of other stuff like getting things moved around my house, painting warhammer minatures and other things. The being really tired recently thing though, that's killing me. UGH!

I actually have things to write about too like:

My DS as a multimedia entertainment device and how it fucking rocks my world

The problem of using the word s/he along with arguments of how it really isn't a word at all

Kingdom of loathing stuff

My excitment over running shadowrun for real and being able to take 4th edition out for a spin

The diffrences between shadowrun and exalted and how D&D bridges the gap between the two

oh and evan is running 4th edition and I wish him luck, he asked about rule books and stuff and I gave him some advice, he didn't ask for more so I assume he is okay. Even still I kinda just want to spout GM advice because it is fun

and some other stuff.

I also want to start writting fiction again because I miss doing it, and I should because it is stupid not to. I was going to go tonight but I can't even think straight at the moment so...I'm not going to. I'm going to play metal slug.

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