Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post Number 47

Just in case you were curiouse. Man it has been awhile since I've done this which upsets me just a little. THere has even been things I've wanted to write but I just haven't been able to set aside the time to write them, this includes now but whateva.

So this will be one of those fun little generic "what have I been up to?" posts that I make every so often. So lets see.

Inbetween this post and the last one I have both started and finnished a book called Everything is Illuminated. If you haven't read it cease your current activities because they are no longer important and go read Everything is Illuminated. It is one of the most starkly beautiful books you will ever read in your entire life. So sad though. One of the sadest things ever. It was exactly the oposite of what I wanted after the Kindly Ones but it had been kicking around my bookshelf for far to long and Sasha did give it to me, and I felt bad about not reading it. So I did. Its a nice quick read too, it will slide right off of the page, into your brain, and deep into your soul where it will cheerfully give it the equivalent of purple nurples for the rest of your life. READ IT.


In other news I decided to seriously investigate getting an e-book reader. My Palm has shit battery life, and the DS has tiny annoying screens. More than that though, I can get some seriously amazing books off the interwebs both leagally and ill. It would also be amazing to be able to carry around a whole theoretical reffrence library with fully searchable text in my bag. That could be increadbly/useful awesome. And hey pirated rpgs ftw!. However, ebook readers have fallen into this trap that I first noticed with the PSP. The psp is a gaming system that does a bunch of extra shit that I don't need it to do. As a result the extra shit goes unused and just ends up costing me more. As a result instead of taking out all that extra crap and refocusing it as a dedicated gaming system you end up with this hodge poge piece of shit that doesn't do anything paticularly well.

No I am bringing this back to ebook readers don't you worry. Most of the ebook readers have proudly proclaimed that they can play mp3!. SO WHAT! Who the fuck cares? Anyone who has the 200+ bucks to drop on something like this already has a decent mp3 player that they are more than capable of using on thier own. They don't need thier stupid ebook reader with a paltry 2gbs of storage to play mp3s. The Sony ebook reader is now the one I am specifically bitching about. When I say 2gbs of storage you might be tempted to point out that there is an micro SD card slot. BUT GUESS WHAT? It won't read cards over 2gbs. But it will play mp3s and take over 30 seconds to load a decent sized pdf file. The Kindle 2 is auto fail because it doesn't even have a micro sd card slot, and the other options are just pretty sad.

The other options aren't much better. What really chaps my ass about all of this though is that they are charging 200 bucks for something that is over loaded with shit speacial features which are essentially worthless. When they could get rid of the speakers, mp3 playback, and some of the extra other crap they ram into the things, and sell them at a more reasonable price. Or better yet they could scrap the crap features and increase the ebook reader's functionablity. Or you know an mp3 player because that is what I really fucking need, another piece of shit mp3 player.

Oh well. I'm pretty upset about it because man o man I could really use a dedicated ebook reader. Oh well maybe in a couple of years they won't suck so much at the moment.

Well I am tired of typing so I am going to do something else.

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