Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Brain works again

Okay then so I've been sick, and being sick was LAME. I wasn't deathly ill or anything like that. I just had a vicious head cold, runny nose, and the sore throat that comes along with the runny nose. It wasn't enough to stop me from working but it was JUST enough to incatacipate me. When I got off work I was done, I wasn't good for shit afterwards which is pretty lame all in all. I still feel pretty under the weather but I think it has leveled off more to just general allergies rather than me being actually sick. Still, at any rate my brain has clicked back on. So now it is time to get through the back log of what is going on in my brain.

So lets get some bullet points down:

-I came to this realization the other day. See I have a large number of ideas regarding sex. Most of them all boil down to the fact that sex is a force of change. Things are simply diffrent afterwards for many people. Now we have all sorts of people who will run around and say various things about how sex will or won't do this or that but I don't care. Sex changes things and everyone else is the exception rather than the rule. ANYWAY, much like the actual physical act changes things, the desire for the physical act changes things. There are these series of moments where the oposite sex transistions from a companion, friend, or something to be ignored, into someone that is desired. It is this transsional phase that I believe is a critical developmental step that is largely ignored. Now the way that people handle this is diffrent across the gender lines and I think it might be largely cultural but I am not sure what else to do with it.

-I need to get rolling on the whole Nun porn montage thing. Its rough though see I thought I preserved most of it but apparently I messed something up somewhere so I got to start the thing all over again so I am much more behind than I thought I was. Nuts. I'll get it done but I need to start doing it tonight because I am running low low on time. Oh well now that I know what I am doing it is going to go much faster this time around. Most of the first time was spent on the learning curve. I just hate doing the same thing twice, drives me nuts. Still labor of love and all that and I should be able to make it be an hour and a half without to much trouble. I'll get it done though.

-Ebert just made the claim that video games aren't art. Article here! At one or two points I wanted to write a rousing defense of video games but then I realized that I don't have to. The thing about video games is that he doesn't know very much about them. He carefully selected his examples to support his argument, but he didn't even select the best examples. There was a comumbine game after all. There is also a really cool sniper simulation that lets your reenact the Kennedy assasination from various angles and such. He also didn't pick out video game's best examples and attempt to adress them. You would think that as a film reviewer the idea of the Warriors and how the game development team wrote more for the world of the Warriors than the actual movie. There is of course things like Shadow of Colossus, Okami, Planescape Torment, Shadow Hearts 1&2, Persona 3, as well as many others which are all works of art in their own ways. He fails to adress these things.

-I also wanted to do a comparison of the attempt of pornography to become legimazied in the 70's by making it m0re "artistic" and the attempts of legimization of video games as a medium that really needs to be left the fuck alone. I might still write this one because I think it is fun.

- The war on the cartels have managed to reach 40k deaths the other week. That's interesting. All the leagalize pot assholes have come out of the woodwork to celebrate. I really want to write something both about how I am both fundamentally for and fundamentally against the leagalization of pot. Mostly though I want to write about how fucking tired I am of people waving pot around every single time drugs come up.

On a side note what the fuck is it with pot anyway? I mean really REALLY? Is living inside your head that miserable? Because I am betting it isn't.

- I want the totalitarian book alot. DESIRE!

Alright lunch is fucking over!

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