Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome to the moon

Ugh this was going to be about the whole drug war that is going on and the stuff going on with mexico but I decided that I wanted to do some more reading on it. I think it is one of those things that will call in our ability to be a diplomatic force in the world into question. The strange thing about the drug violence that goes in both South America and Mexico is largely Ameroca's fault. We as a county are far and away the largest consumer of drugs and the other countries are, not nessisarily cluing into this, but starting to call america on it. So when the death toll caused by the cartels reaches into the 40k regions Mexico is getting to the point where they can say, "You know if you would stop people from snorting so much fucking coke this wouldn't be near the problem that it is now". The cartels are responciple for almost 50% of the pot that comes into america, 50% of the coke, and while they don't produce heroin themselves they do a bang up job getting it into the country. Everyone is starting to realize that fighting the cartels directly is a loose loose situation and that if we were to come at them from both angles, hit the organization AND the cripple the market then things would be going oh so much smoother. Part of the problem is the decrimilalization of pot. I am generally against getting it decriminalized. There is no reason for it other than people who can't be bothered to find some other way to entertain themselves. Still at this fucking point I can still maintain that view with it decriminalized.

In all honesty I still think our government has something better to do, despite the fact that the laws against weed are irrational and absolutely stupid. I just would be more comfortable with it all if the arguments for leagalization didn't sound like pathetic complaining of people who just want to get high. I'm really mean to pot smokers. I've noticed that it is a rather constant reoccuring theme in my writting. The thing is though is that I can't bring myself to feel bad for the pot smoker's plight. I mean seriously there all the injustice, pain, and horror in the world we are going devote tons of efforts to the decriminalization of pot? Really? Good heavens get a real cause.

Hrm I think I want to switch gears away from the pot smoker's plight and how I don't really give a fuck. I guess I should write about something worth caring about. In a funny way the plight of the video gamer and the pot smoker are very similar. I think this could be a way to make me actually care about decriminalization. See I get to focused on the action in of itself rather than the problematic ramifications that comes from pot being a criminal offense. See the fight against video game censorship is the fight against censorship period. The freedom of speech is one of those hated chunks of the bill of rights. I'm not sure what the logic is behind this. I think it is just that people are so VERY focused on the immediate that they can't wrap their heads around anything more far reaching. No that isn't even true. The people most excited about censoring speech beleive they are in the moral right therefore their speech will never be limited because why would it be? They are right. These are the people who want books banned, art torn down, and music to be as bland as possible. These are people who generally suck.

The thing is that it is a slippery slope, it is increadbly dangerous to start restricting forms of speech or to favor one form over another. Especially with the way american law works. Once we have a prescident everything is permissible.

Now lets go again...later I feel like doing something else.


Tyson said...

I don't know I am kind of a functionalist on this issue, drugs and the laws and people that regulate, provide and propagate them. I believe that everyone has a part to play in this giant production called America and that all of it together will eventually have to strike a balance and will remain in constant flux. Same thing with censorship and free speech. Did you know that the Supreme Court recently made a ruling that essentially acknowledged a direct relationship between how much freedom of speech you have with how much money you have. More than likely the struggle between oppression and freedom will continue to be like a boat that rocks back and forth in constant flux. Hopefully the ruling 10% knows enough history to realize that there is only so much oppression that the rest of the 90% will tolerate and that opium will only pacify the masses for so long before they revolt. Although I must say our ruling class has a lot more gadgets in their utility belt, relative to previous aristocracies, to keep the masses in check, like a large middle class addicted to capitalism and more powerful weapons needing fewer people to kill or keep more people in check.
If this sounds retarded feel free to delete it, lol. I'm not too familiar with blog etiquette.

Tyson said...

Edward Scissor-hands...
Elijah Scissor Man the most evil villain to roam Hero city, his mission to circumcise the unbrisked masses and no mushugana super heroes will stand in his way.