Friday, February 4, 2011

So geeky things

So I just read three articles on the Afganistan war. Holy shit that has got to be some of the most depressing reading I've done in awhile. I just finnished the third, most frusterating, article and I think I would like to let them all stew in my head a bit before I go off writting about it all. Since I will be heading to books a million to do some writting tonight all of this will work out as I will do it there.

For over a week now I've been trying to write a blog post about the music I listen to. This is for Kid better known as Taylor. I don't want to do that now though because it will take a really loooong time to write and I don't feel like doing something by half right now. If I decide to not do the war I guess I'll do the music thing otherwise WAR. So that leaves me with some geek stuff and some life stuff. I'll combine them...later MALIFAUX!

Because of a recent addiction to Dominion we have backed off on playing Malifaux. That was unintended it is just that Dominion games are so short and smooth and they tend to go from one to another without you even realizing. Fortunatly I think we are all finally dominioned out for a bit and we can go back to good old Malifaux which is good cause I wanna play more innut. Mostly because I've discovered my new favorite master and I really want him to happen more. The Dreamer/Lord Chompy Bits is just to much fun to play. It actually isn't so much the Dreamer and LCB but it is also their crew, and the horrific ability to just sort of have my entire crew show up on someone's door step ready to hand out murder and rage.

However, as I was sitting around and thinking today I don't think we are doing the stiched together correctly. See when I interpreted the rules to does not die I think I did it a little bit to literally. The way we play it now does not die comes into effect when the oggie boogie man takes his last point of damage, it dies, comes back with one health, and gains reactivate. It is that one health that is tripping us up though. Because when oggie boogie is killed in his one health state I ruled that he is still alive and able to take more actions. He doesn't gain reactivate twice however because the rules state that no one gets reactivate twice. So he just in effect stays alive. However, for a 5 point figgure with a 6" ranged attack that doesn't technically need line of sight that always has cheatable damge that seems ever so slightly ridiculous and there have been times where I have killed many times its point cost in figgures with one oogie boogie man. I'd examine the forums for answers but the last two times I've tried I haven't found any answers and I don't feel like logging in. Besides those forums are WEIRD.

Even if we were to rule their second death to be their premenate one they are a deadly force to be reckoned with and once I get my hands on a couple of Insideous madness models they will become positivly leathal. As an unresitatable action they can give a negative flip to all will power duels to everything within 4 inches. So I can do that, have someone else fly over, poop out an oggie boogie man who will proceed to murder people. This can potentially kill a master as they will only be able to soulstone their flip rather than cheat a soulstone. Actually that is just fucking mean and something I am now excited about doing.

See? That is the cool thing about the Dreamer, more so than just about any of the other crews he has out of this world synergization and flexibility in terms of crew composition while still remaining within his stable of specialized nightmare models. I can fear bomb with teddy, madness, and eyeball guy; I can murderface with LCB and 3 teddies; I can do tricksy shell games with twins, daydreams, eyeball guy, and whatever else; I can go uber swarm by using Alps which is apparenly a fucked up thing to do; or I can go hybrid which is what I normally do.

Eyeball guy is pretty much my favorite figure in the game but there are times where he can be more trouble than he is worth. Mainly he can keep multiple figgures locked down pretty much indefinatly but he has a very hard time inflicting casualties and sometimes I would much rather just have people be solidly dead than just super irritated.

In other news I want to play Lillith more but I am having trouble with her crew. They decimate but they aren't very interesting. I think I am going to change it up to the twins, the hooded rider, and the Waldigiests. Yeah I know a little short on Nephelim but whatever I don't find them that interesting. However, the you and mature's ability to fly is not something to be overlooked.

I realize that I have two critical weaknesses in my ability to budget. One is buying supplies I need to do the things I like, glue, paint, bags, card holders, et cetera. The other is clothing. For example I just spent as much on card holders for dominion as I have on dominion. Granted it is pretty nessisary because the money cards are starting to fall apart but still. While not all of them needed sleeves it wouldn't work if I just did half of them.

The other is clothing. I'll deal with both of these problems later right now I am just getting them out there.

Alright lunch is now ovar!

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