Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well It has been awhile

It has been awhile since I've written in my cheery little blog. I took a break. A little longer break than I've intended but a break none the less. Now I am guessing that it is break over. I find that whenever I take an extended break from writing I always have a hard time getting started again. I hate having a hard time getting started but these things do happen. It isn't si much that I have nothing to say but rather that I have pleanty to say and I just have a bit of a hard time saying it. So at the moment I am going to write about nothing paticularly important to me and there is pleanty of that to go around. I am feeling foggy.

I suppose it is the time of year. I always start feeling foggy around my birthday and then it either lifts or becomes a crushing disapointment. This year we are leaning twords the crushing disapointment end of the spectrum. I will have to work on my birthday which I HATE doing. I will work with a retard and I am just not happy about this. I tired getting it off but it didn't work out. Ordinarly I take a whole week off for my birthday and it is great. This will still happen. It will just be at some time in the future when we have enough people and I can. This is a day that I am officially looking fowards to. Until then it will be a period of long hours doing more work than I should with people I don't paticularly like.

I don't normally complain about my job because deep down inside I actually don't mind it very much. It have way more good days than bad and it is insanely easy. That and it provides an insane amount of fringe benifits like food, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. It also isn't like this is the first time something like this happened or that what is going to happen to me is going to be very hard. It is just that this time of year I get foggy. Like I said. So it is just the way it is. Isn't that disapointing?

I am hoping to head it off at the pass and to keep my head up and my tumbs occupied. I love occupying my thumbs and then hopefully I will pop out of the otherside of this perfectly fine and happy, ready to continue on with my cheerful little life and who know perhaps it will be improved. I meant to download Quills. Nuts. The great thing about Quills is that is just a relentlessly fun movie. The script writer really loved De Sade. Sure sure you can watch the movie never having read a word of De Sade and you'd like if you like that sort of thing. But if you are a fan of De Sade's really a fan than you can see the ecchos of his stories, his time period, and his life all throughout the movie. It perfectly blends the mytholigy surrounding the man along with tributes to his "contributions" to literature. It isn't a great movie, but my oh my it is certainly fun to watch.

Anyway I am going to start a new post and do a media round up because this one is kinda mopey and I feel sufficiently warmed up.

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