Monday, April 25, 2011

Geek Time Activate!

:D I am in a good mood, it is my day off, I had a productive morning... well productive if you count getting stuff done in minecraft. Minecraft is a good time. I had to start playing single player because there is something enticing about the Nether and being able to turn the monsters off whenever you want is nice. I mean if I am just building something and night falls I go to sleep and they go away. So I turn them off and can work through the night without having to worry about dropping what I am doing so I can hop in my bed. That stuff is annoying. Also creepers suck. No seriously. I like my landscape the way it is and having stuff I just built keeps getting blown up which is annoying as hell. I don't like creepers. I also turned monsters on for a bit and then spent half of the night running from 5 creepers which all attacked me at the same time which was shit.

Fortunatly I managed to get one to kill two of the other ones then I killed the last one and then later on I died because I forgot where the hole they made was and I fell in...there was also a skelton was in that hole. So I turned that shit off. I am currenly just getting materials together to build my house. Once I get all that done then I will be able to start really focusing on my house. I need my sky island to be a little bit bigger and then once that happens I will be able to make some stuff happen. THEN I will be able to start building something in the Neather. I like the the Neather it is relaxing to me. I am not sure what I am going to do there but it will be something. Originally I just wanted it to be a free and pleantiful source of magma but now it I want to make a home there. I like homes.

Moving on there is heroclix. Heroclix has been calling my name pretty viciously. I am not sure if it is the new street fighter figures, the new giant sized happy things, the improved sculpts, or the fact that I've always really loved the game. I like BattleTech but I am pretty much done spending money on it. I got my book, my map set, pleanty of figgures, all I really need is to get some stuff printed at kinkos which I might do tonight, a King Crab, and a Hatchet Man. I might someday buy another boxed set to get another pile of plastic miniatures or some other stuff. However, for the most part I think I am good with Battletech I might pick up the lakes and rivers hex maps set.

So back to heroclix. There is the blind buying thing and my god does that ever burn my. I mean why WHY do the blind buying thing. I hate that so much. However, the game itself almost makes it worth it. Also if I grab a couple of booster for across some of the newer sets and a few singles I'll be more or less set. I mean it isn't like I will be playing in tournaments or things like that it will be just at anime club. I also love the switch to a more flexible card system than the rather static powers and ability sheets. It is just a matter of getting some figures together. There is also the other matter that the only people who sell it in town is some place called bobe's hobby house. Nice people, and a GREAT selection of stuff from all over. It is mostly a matter of getting some figgures together. There are tons and tons and tons of lots of ebay but they are all for the older figures which is irritating as hell. I don't know why I am so fixated on the newer sets actually maybe I should relax and just snag 400 figgures for 30 bucks and call it a day. However the biggest advantage of the newer sets is that the figures are just so much better designed. I rea;y want the Blackest Night Starter and possibly the fantastic 4 starter then a couple of the the new x-men starters and I would be good to go.

You know what is weird? VTES prices haven't dropped. I love me some VTES and the fucking game is out of print and yet the prices haven't dropped they haven't dropped at all in fact in a couple of cases the prices have gone up. I really want to play it some more and I think I will push it next club, that and ON THE EDGE cause that game is pretty snazzy super excellent and I like the decks I made. I seem to have lots of games I wanna play and not a whole lot of time to play them. I also want to play the Call of Cthullu game LCG more but I would like to gather up some more cards and put together some decks. Ultimatly I regret not getting Warhammer instead. I was afraid that if I got the warhammer card game people would freak out. I don't think this is the case and you know what? I like the call of the cthullu lcg I should get some more cards for it.

Ugh it is like 5 and I am hungry but there is that horrifying traffic that I just don't feel like dealing with it.

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