Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well This Might not Go as Planned

So my goal for today was to update this twice. One was to have a nice little lunch time post about something or other. Then I was going to go write something substantial elsewhere, most likely at hone. However, a half hour ago my body just sorta fell apart and I don't know how anything is going to work out anymore. I took some asprin, a multivitemen and I've eaten a nice large salad so hopefully I will perk up enough so that my evening won't become entirely unbearable. Oh well. I am actually upset about my output as of late. I do go through periods where I don't want to say anything because I am busy reading, or killing things and taking their stuff, or I am all blocked up. These things do happen to me and I have never been rendered upset by them. This is different because I do have things I want to say but since I do not, or can not write in my house I am lacking a place to say them. I used to write in Books a Million but because of a shift in my hours and a shift in their hours I am no longer able to do that, which is a shame because I did like hanging out there.

So I thought now that school is back in session the commons would be back to 24 hours...nope they changed that shit. Now the commons shuts down at ten which is the same time Books a Million shuts down which renders me saddened. So that leaves me with two options. Writing in my house, and writing in a bar. I am going to be leaning twords my house first because bars confuse me and I don't drink and I'd feel bad just haning out in a bar for several hours nursing a soda while I furiously write and bat away attempts at other people trying to socialize with me. This is the same problem I had awhile ago and it is back again. So I guess I am going to try and alter the way I live and start writting in my house more. I'll still be using the baby laptop to do so because it is small and devoid of distractions. Soon the weather will become nice and I can write outside at night but then that will change. Also I like being around people when I do things like this so.... I just don't want to talk to them. Parts of me think that I should find this strange but I don't.

There are a couple of different bars around town that I wouldn't be opposed to going to and writing in. So I might do that, but staking a claim in a place is always nerve wracking for me. Once I establish a claim I relax and then I start acting like myself but until that happens things are a little weird. Hrm this is difficult to explain. I guess it is like me establishing my comfort zone. Once I do that I feel fine but doing that is always kind of an awkward thing for me to do. So I'll trying making a part of my house a productive my bed.

Because there are lots of topics I want to take care of like:

Stop Bitching About Hollywood Remakes
The 3-D difference
2 Ann Rand Project Essays
Free Speech Vs Responsibility
The Death of Argumentation
and a few other things.

Most of them are in my head just waiting to come out but I gotta put them to the page first. Oh well my headache hasn't really gone away which is sadness. Tonight will be rough.

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