Saturday, August 20, 2011


So I was totally on vacation for a week, actually it was longer than a week it was like 9 days. It is a damn good time. I had plans for that vacation though. I planed to prime and paint most of my figures, both battletech and malifaux. I planned to get lots and lots of writing done. I certainly planned on doing some more reading than I did. There were lots of things I wanted to do and didn't. There were people I wanted to hang out with and didn't. There were things I wanted to do but didn't have a chance to. However, now as I sit here in the employee break room typing this blog entry on my first day back, I gotta say, I am ecstatic with the way things turned out. I got to play and finish a game of Twilight Imperium which is a pretty impressive feat considering we were using both Distant Suns and the expansion. We got it done in just under 7 hours too. Then afterwards we played Fiasco. It went alright, I think the fact that we played both Twilight Imperium and Fiasco in one day is impressive enough as is. I got to see both 30 Seconds or Less and Fright Night. I said good bye to one friend for a couple of months (bye Courtney) and I said hello to a new friend I hadn't seen in years (Hi Jackie) both of them are girls isn't that strange?

I played a decent amount of Minecraft, lots and lots of DFO, and I started up TF2. TF2 is a great deal of fun and it is actually the thing that has caused me to want to upgrade my computer post haste. I want to play a medic more. Medics are fun! I also enjoy Pyros but I have a hard time with them. Anyway I have some frame rate issues that are keeping me from excelling at the game but those will be solved within the next 6 months or so. I also learned to play Capitalism 2. I am actually really proud of this accomplishment because that is one fiddlyass little game. Now that I know how to play I can start seriously delving into the mechanics of it and I can begin the extended process of becoming really good at it. I meant to play some Dwarf Fortress but I didn't get around to it. I might start that soon because I do really really wanna make an ecconomy that is funded entirely from bees.

I hung out with many people and I did many things and all in all my week was satisfactory.

Ordinarily when I get back to work from a vacation it is the worst day ever of all time forever. Now though? I am okay. Sure we are short handed and there is just the two of us. This means we won't be getting out until at least nine. However, I also have plans to play SmallWorld after work tonight with friends so...I feel that I am winning any way I look at it. Things aren't exactly looking up but I have just about everything I could ask for so it is hard to be disapointed.

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