Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Almost ten Days Again

I need to set aside more time for writting. It is just that much harder now that Books a Million closes at ten. Granted I along with everyone who worked there thought that the fact that they closed at 11 was idiotic so this is just the world's way of listening to me I suppose. Still I am not to happy about it. I bet I could bang out some blog entries on teh baby laptop while at home it is just that once I am home I am usually eat, watch something while eating, and then I go do something fun and while writing is fun for me it isn't as fun as say Dungeon Fighter, Glitch, Kingdom of Loathing, TF2, Touhou, and any number of other things I've been doing a lot of lately. That on top of the reading... oy! There is also the fact that I have been WILDLY unproductive on my last couple of days off.

I wanted to do a thing on the first game of thrones book but I think I'll let that sit for a bit and talk about something else instead. I don't have quite as much time as I want to get that done. For those who want a quick preview...I hate the starks. Hard people for a hard land, yeah that is true if you are talking about the Greyjoys. Those are some hard people. The Starks are a bunch of floppy balls, no not pussies at least pussies can take a pounding.

In a related note I am loving the Game of Thrones Card game. My biggest complaint about the game is that the cards are pretty loosely worded meaning that there can be some arguments as to how certain effects take place, there are also some timing issues which are a pain in the ass but most of these are a result of trying to keep both the two and four player people happy. My first real project is to build a Greyjoy Maegster deck. The reason for this is that I feel once my maegesters start getting lots of links on them they will become increasingly vulnerable to charecter/attachment removal. Greyjoy has lots of character saves and some decent cancellization effects. Best of all my agenda will effectivly make my deck 13 cards smaller which means I will have a much better chance to get the cards I need into play when I need them. I find that Greyjoy shines, especially in multiplayer because of their ability to make sucessful attacks by only kneeling one or two characters leaving the rest for defense. The last game I played I lost the game by one freaking power and that was mostly because I had miscounted. If I had counted correctly I would of mauled Travonta instead which would of caused me to gain less power but it would of made it so that he wouldn't be able to win that turn either. Then I would of been able to lock down the board and ensure my victory. Or something like that, but no I had to miscount. I hate myself.

In other news I am still loving the Lord of the Rings card game. The new quests are exciting and I find myself exparamenting more and more with different deck ideas. Currently I am stuck on the Conflict at the Carrock quest which pits us against 4 trolls at the same time simultaneously. These trolls start out at 5/6 and they all have ten life. That isn't all either. The quest deck is full of nasty things, including a one,two punch that will add +7 to your threat no questions asked. We've been working on it though and I think we will get it eventually. The other night we came SO CLOSE only to have victory snatched away at the last second. Oh well I have a quest coming in the mail that is even harder which is just as exciting for me. The quests are the best designed portions of the game and they aren't all the same thing or just variations on a theme most of the quests mess with fundamental game mechanics thus forcing you to adopt new strategies for each and every one. They are a good time, and I it is definitely one of the best gaming investments I've made. Now if only I could play it moar.

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