Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little over ONE DAY!

I said I wanted to write more in this here blog and here I am writing more in this here blog. It feels like my free time is being devoured by a hydra of reading, games, work, and pure laziness. Anyway I realized while at home that I have a choice between doing some more reading or doing some writing and I decided that Game of Thrones can wait for now. As much as I enjoy the books I am definitely going to be reading something else before I pick up the third book. I am thinking Farewell my Lovely by Raymond Chandler or possibly Ready Player One. I have no idea. In a related frenzy I finally got back around to resubscibing to Foreign Affairs and Harpers so I have that to look forward too and that if freaking awesome. I didn't mean to let the subscriptions to lapse this long but whatever problem is solved and now we can move on!

People seem awefully dreary lately which is sad. I also realize that now that I am sitting here that I realize that I have no idea what I want to write about. I've been feeling pretty good lately, really good in fact. I've ben socializing less as a result of Tyson disolving into a pile of nursing notes but that is alright. One of the nice things about socializing less is being able to read and do more, like play Glitch for example, or Start Dragon Quest IX. It is fun I think but we'll see how long I stick with it. The more I play it the more I wish I was playing Etrian Odessy. The downside is that there are all sorts of things I've bought that I need other people to do. I am hoping to get a "random game night" going amongst my friends so we have to all meet and play other things. It is looking like that is going to be Saturday nights which isn't bad, especially since I don't work Sunday mornings anymore. I don't know but I hope it happens, that way we can do things like one shot rpgs, or some longer board games. Or some stuff I just plain old haven't pulled out in awhile. I have no idea when I am going to play Twilight Imperium again which is disapointing. The last game I played I got stuck between a rock and a hard place and I'd to try that again. The opponent to my right got built up WAY to high before I could do anything about it, and while I nabbed myself some good planets I had a hard time getting anywhere. That was disapointing but oh so much fun.

I also freely admit that I am amazingly terrible at the game.

Oh National Novel Writting month is coming up and that is always exciting. I was looking around the other day and I realized that I can't find the second half of last year's novel. I don't have a very good track record with these things. The first novel got aborted because of me loosing most of it in a data backup acident. The second novel came out just fine, and the third one got the word count finnished but not the story then I lost the damn things. Nuts. Oh well here's hoping that this year will go better. I didn't have much of an idea as to what I was going to do for this years novel then the answer came to me in a dream. While that is all well and good I am not sure if I want to go through with that or not. Many moons ago I wanted to do a serialized fiction thing. I ended up putting it on the back burner while my friend evan raced on ahead and did it without me. After the first novel I realized that 2500ish words is a good size for a fiction chunklet and it is a pretty sustainable burden for once a week every week for year or two. I had trouble picking a subject. I latched onto one but I realized that the subject just didn't strike me as a good canidate for serialization. It was to... I don't know. The idea I came up with last year with the support group for people who were hellbent on ending the world as the millenium hit, now that has some promise. There is lots you can do with it, large colourful cast, I've already developed the charecters, and there is a sort of mystery to their world along with a slight hint of sadness. These are people who never expected to live in this world some of them still don't know how to drive, or how to pump gas, or where lightbulbs are in the grocery store and yet in their element they are gods. I love that idea. So what I wanted to do was to take that idea and run with it for awhile. Start with NANO use that to get WAY ahead and then just run with it from there. Then I could alternate, editing two entries, and writing one entry every other week which I think could be neat.

However, I have my own idea and I like that one. It is a niffty idea that came to me in a paticularly vivid dream. Basically it is the near future and the second rennisannce is upon mankind. New invensions, discovery, and prosparity are being brought upon the world by a new wave of geniuses. However, unlike in the past these geniusues number in the hundreds of thousands not in the dozenes. Then the madness started. Sure sure you are going to get a few bad apples in a large enough sample group. So instead of inventing useful life saving devices, some people just built armored suits to let them rob banks super efficiently. However, then the madness started to spread. Soon wild exparaments were being constructed on helpless populations, weapons were no longer built for the governments but instead for personal use and some of the geniuses started carving out fiefdoms amongst the world's poorer populations. New drugs flooded the streets compounding the problems as dealers armed with impossible weaponry were no match for the police force or even the military. Things looked dire until this once corporation stepped in, The Pembleton Consortium. They had their own stable of genisuses untainted by the madness. Employees from this company started rounding up the madmen and giving them some semblence of their sanity back or at the very least to teach the satisfaction of painting fires rather than setting them. In comes the main charecter. He is specifically not a genius but rather an ordinary guy who has legitimate mental problems who got caught up by The Pembleton Consortium. Now he is trying to make a living amongst a community of insane super geniuses, while dealing with his own problems, and uncovering the truth behind the sudden wave of madness.

I basically the main charecter is one of the geniuses one of the first in fact. He built a device that allows you to steal the best ideas out of other people's head and transfer if to data that is readable by a normal computer. The side effect to this? Madness of course you can't rip out an idea without leaving behind some damage. That is the thing too it rips out the idea so that it isn't in the original brain anymore. The MC realized that this is not something that should be and so he destroyed the device and most of his notes, but not before using it on himself so that not even the idea of the device would remain. However, the consortium caught up with him. They rebuilt the device, it doesn't work as well as the original but they did and they have been using it ever since keeping the ideas for themselves and leaving madness in their wake. It could be lots of fun. A lot of the book will be world building and the MC gaining/making friends before coming to his realization and bringing the consortium down.

The mad geniuses are basically going to be like Z list marvel/dc super villians. They are terrifying in their own way but you know they are dressed like Lepperchauns on stilts or Luchadors. You know so the final battle is the rise of the zlisters.

So I have these two ideas but I am not sure which one to run with. Oh well enough writing for now. Which is a shame because I just came up with two things that I really do want to write about. More than likely I'll do that tomorrow. This works out for the best. Get warmed up today and bring out the important stuff tomarrow.

Topic1: The reasoning behind grammar and the lies of spelling

Topic2: The tea party scares me.

Hey I just realized that if I write both of them I'll have hit 300 posts! That's exciting to me and I now have a goal for tomarrow. Tonight however, anime club awaits. I hope to play some Lord of the Rings and Dominion.

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