Monday, January 16, 2012

I have no Paticular Topic

I've been doing more reading and watching than writing recently. I am not sure why. Partly it is because I keep running around and doing things every night, and partly it is because it is cold. The temperature is a factor but hey it is a nice time to hibernate and get some things done. On a whim I picked up the Invisables again. Every time I read it I am amazed that a comic like that could be written, let alone published through a mainstream outlet and become legendary. From, voodoo, Aztec religions, the head of John the Baptist, everything involving De Sade, John Lennon being a god, UFOs, and the fact that just about nothing gets a concrete explanation of any sort I can't help but wonder how something like this could possibly excist. I also have to wonder if the book would still be able to be published today? I think it would be but it would be under Image not Vertigo. As of late Vertigo's lineup has become remarkably more conservative. The argument could be made that they just don't write comics like that any more. But that is crap. I've read Young Liars and Morning Glories. Still it is worth thinking about.

Moving on I finished the 3rd season of Lost. I did this awhile ago actually. Now that I think about it I've watched the 2nd season of Boardwalk empire too. At any rate LOST! The 4th season is where the writing strike is going to take its tole. Man I had forgotten all about the strike until Courtney mentioned some of the seasons being vastly truncated. I am still interested in the show though I can see why many people's complaints happened. Overwhelmingly the biggest complaint about the show is that it introduces new mysteries without solving old ones. However as the french chick said, "I have never been here before but I have survived this long on the island by avoiding such situations. I'll meet you back by the river."

Overwhelmingly this seems to be the main theme for most of the survivors. They moved out of the caves back onto the beach and they all huddle in one place waiting for whatever comes next, hopefully rescue. Meanwhile Jack is off galavanting around doing whatever he can to piss off the others. I'm not going to say that the others are the greatest people ever. But holy hell they could of all done a little bit more of coexsist peacefully. This season told us what happened to the Dharma Initiative which is something I am curious about. They started dropping hints that everyone on the island is really dead but Jack's flash forward in the final two episodes shows that what they actually are is much more complicated than that and that they get off the island. Charlie finally died and man could that of ever been prevented. Just a little forethought and he would of been just fine. This isn't even really a hindsight sort of deal either because fucking hell they knew it was going to happen and that there was scuba gear. Why he would go into the horrible drowning room without that scuba gear is beyond me. Still had to get the hobbit off the show somehow.

The point I was going to make though I am almost out of time is that the island is currently at its least mysterious. We know lots about the others, what happened to Dharma, some more about the smoke demon, where the polar bears came from, and some other stuff.

Now sure there is the question of Locke's dad, why Walt shows up every so often, the temple, and the house, but for the most part the island is alright. Oh yeah we don't know what happened in the first hatch they found but in all actuallity it doesn't really matter. The electromagnetic death field seems to have done its job.

Well I am out of time and I need to go back to work. We'll see what the 4th season holds eventurally. I wanna finish up the samurai trilogy, some Kurosawa films, and maybe sword of doom before going back to Lost. TA!

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