Monday, December 17, 2012

Freedom of Speach and God Hates Fags

I've written about the god hates fags people before.  Whenever I call them that people usually correct me to say, "Oh you me such and such church" and I nod my head and repeate, "The god hates fags people".  On the one hand I love them because they provide a shining argument as to why Christianity is a wuss ass religion.  On the other hand I hate them for all the reasons everyone in their right mind should hate them.  I don't hate many things.  Things make me angry like the derpy hooves controversy, french surrealists, and people who try to make me feel bad about liking tits but I don't hate very much.  I do hate the god hates fags people.

I call them that for a reason.  When they come up in conversation I don't want anyone to loose sight of the fact of just how ugly and horrible these people are.  But I didn't come here to write about everything everyone agrees on.  I've come here to explore the freedom of speech issue.

Freedom of speech is one of those things.  It has been awhile since we've had a good reason to roll up our sleeves and have a good old fasioned freedom of speech rumble.  First Amendment advocates have the same degree of suspicion and paranoia that pro gun people do.  They should exchange letters and be friends, hell their amendments are right next to each other!  I mean why not.

On the surface this is the nazis of Stokie...Illinoise?  I can't remember and I don't have time to look it up.  Anyway here it is the biggest ugliest "godly fag hating" group of people ever. 

So should they be labled as a hate group?  Yes absolutely.  If I were a constotutional scholar I might be able to wrangle out a for real leagalistic reason as to why they should be.  However, I'm not.  I don't even have enough time to watch all the Dr. Who I want.  The thing is though is that they don't just spew hate but they do everything in their power to dehumanize that which they dispise hence their MO for protesting funerals.  The dehumanization of the subjext is the most dangerous aspect of hatred as that opens up the doorway to violence.  Do we wait for another savage beating of a gay man or woman before we take action against the "god hates fags" people.  Or do we see their actions for the 100th time say enough is enough already and call them like they are?

This didn't have as much to do with speech as I would like but I am also out of time.

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