Monday, December 17, 2012

The Perks of Being a Background Pony

This post will more than likely have nothing to do with the my little pony show.  I just thought that was a really clever title and so there it goes.  Then again most of my titles have nothing to do with the post's contense so I don't feel bad. 

So the last time I posted I here I wrote a bit about being pulled in a lot of directions and not having time for some of the stuff I want to do.  So instead of just sitting around bitching on my blog and not doing anything useful I did something.  I started a war wall.  A war wall is the thing I should of done if I wanted my NaNoWriMo novel to turn out well.  I didn't so it is awful.  Still taking the bad example I made myself a good idea.  I took some wrapping paper, taped it to the wall, like I do, then I wrote down the 7 things I want to do more of, and set a goal so that every day I would try to write down something from the list onto the wall that I did.  That was nearly two weeks ago and so far it has been a pretty rousing success. 

Time management.  That is one of those things I am decent at but not spectacular.  There are after all LOTS of things I wanna do.  I mean I play minecraft, I am seeing GTA4 for the first time, Dr. Who, I hang out with people and play games, I LOVE watching movies, TOUHOU, and a billion other things.  Recently Dwarf Fortress has been calling out to me and I want to do that some more.  That's on top of all the 2 billion things I want to read.  So yeah even if I didn't have a job and I didn't waste a single second of my day on anything I still wouldn't have time to do everything I want.  However, I'd much rather live this way than be bored.  I quite frankly don't understand boredom but hey people are a unique and special mystery to me.

Going back to the war wall thus far I'm liking the results.  I wrote up a location for SLA, a couple of blog posts, started streaching more, lots of reading, but I did only manage to work on my game once.  That's a little disappointing.  However it is a 100% more than I've worked on it in quite some time so hey that's definitely something it also was a very productive session.  I might do some more on it tonight, if not then definitely tomorrow along with some seriouse painting sessions.  I need to run out to Michael's and get more of the paint I like though so that's on the list of things to do.  So far it is going well.  Things like this always go well at first so we'll see how this will look a couple of months from now.  I've tried different versions of this before and each time to no avail more or less.  I always stall out somewhere after the first month.

Ironically the same thing happened with the hero game.  I more or less got it to a point where I could start doing rough alpha tests of the rules to see how I liked it and to make sure that things were working the way I wanted them to.  That required some chores and I actually did quite a few of them before it all stalled out and nothing came of it.  How frusterating.  I knew it would happen and I did a bunch to stop it but it still happened :(.  I've been pretty annoyed with myself for quite awhile now but like I said eariler I decided to stop bitching on the blog and get back to it.  The crazy thing is that I like doing it.  Like I really like it.  It is something I enjoy doing very much but I end up just doing something else.  The biggest different between this version of the wall and my previous efforts is that this is all stuff I want to do versus things I think I should do or whatnot.  Thus far it has helped me transistion between one activity and the next much smoother which is something I always had trouble with so that's nice.

If nothing else then I have a bunch of neat stuff for me to use later on.  So cheers for that then!

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