Saturday, May 1, 2010

Well Buh bye April

Man this is the month that the blog got forgotten. Okay well that isn't paticularly true but between being incapacitated for a week to recovering from being incapacitated to going on vacation I just didn't really have the time to get everything done that I needed to. Oh well. So I am back! Kindas. I still have a lot of stuff I need/want to do. Mostly I've become readdicted to a game called Atlantica Online. Atalntica is a fun game that actually provides some pretty genuine challenges in terms of game play. Also I enjoy the strategy and I LOVE the setting. It is also a game where when I play it for a couple of hours it feels like I have managed to accomplish something so I dunno what I am going to do about it.

Right now though I need to get a little bit more preperation done for M&M. I am pretty good, I hand wrote a rules summary just to get a feel for what it is the players can do in combat (a lot) and right now I just need to get a handle on a few more things. I also got a general outline of what is going to happen, and planned a few villians out. The thing about the game is that I don't want to just create throw away villians because they are a pain in the ass to make so I am going to definetly incorporate the Circus a little bit more because they are awesome.

Okay enough with the set up, on to the blog proper. There is a whole lot of things that I want to write about...and somehow I just blanked on all of them. Christ that is really weird.

Technology: Fuck the ipad. No seriously. I am not really into the whole technology wave thing. Computers are neat and they are helpful tools but they are things that break and people don't know how to use or take care of them. This is a rant I've made before and I will prolly make again at some later date. The thing is though is that everyone asks my opinion on the Ipad vs the netbook. See I bought a netbook because I don't really care about computers all that much. I just needed something that can access the internet, play some snazzy old games, and something to type on. I can view pdfs on it but reading off of a screen annoys me so I'd rather not. All in all I have gotten my 250 bucks worth out of the thing and I am happy I bought it. Still being constantly asked about the diffrence between the two is annoying. The thing about the Ipad is that it is annoying to get files onto it because Apple is all anti USB port, I like to type. I type on this netbook more than any other activity combined, and the netbook is cheaper. Ergo the Ipad has NOTHING to offer me, thanks but try again.

Oil Spill: I don't really have to much to say about this. This is one of those things that we all knew was going to happen. I mean it is a tube that is underwater. Shit goes on down there. There was never a doubt in my mind that this sort of spill would happen. But the fact that it hasn't been turned off yet is just retarded. I mean you shut off the oil, stop the oil from flowing, then fix the problem. This is something that should of had multiple layers of oversights on to, not prevent this from happening, but to minimise the damage that would be caused. That is the diffrence between our government doing something and a corporation.

That's a loaded statement I'll work on it more later.

Mercantilism: It is interesting how modern day corporations practice a version of mercantilsim in our modern day version of capitalism. It is pretty neat.

Arizona: So Arizona that is some crazy racist bullshit right there. I am not really sure where to go from here. Already someone has been wrongfully detained over a law that hasn't happened yet. He was a dark skinned California resident and his wife had to go get his birth certificate and deliver it. That is kind of insane. The law is never ever going to pass. It is just upsetting that they would even try to get it to pass.

Oh well. That brings me more or less to the end of lunch. I am a little more burnt out on the whole politics thing. Right now I am far more interested in writting about gaming and gaming theory so I think I am going to just give into that and keep on going. I am excited about M&M so I am going to focus on that.

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