Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ignoring the Fire

Ever set fire to something then just didn't pay atension to it? That's how I roll cause fuck dealing with fire. Anyway I can't tell if it has been 6000 years since I've written a blog post or if it is because I am feeling unusually fertile. Heh I like the word fertile it amuses me. Yeah so I don't know which is which but for the love of god I am erupting with things to day and not a lot of time to say them. No real reason, playing a lot of Dungeon Fighter which is stupidly fun for the most part. Though there is one part of the game that I've hit where things get pretty frusterating. So I am going to go through it in an alternate fasion.

SO now here I am writing, so lets see what I can get going.

1) I am thoroughly convinced that the next silicon valley will be centered around renewable energy. See recently enterpenuers ears have pricked up, they have realized that all they need to do is to create a source of energy is cheaper than oil. Plans are currently underway. Ethenol didn't work out so well which is unfortunate but another plant has been sucessfully used to create gas. The nice thing about this plant is that it grows virtually everywhere and it is compleatly inedible. So we could use land that is not being used for farming, and this plant isn't as nearly as hard on the soil as corn is. This is just the first step. Hopefully this whole oil spill spill thing will really get some people moving on the whole renewable thing. It isn't quite as bleak as people make things out to be. One of the things that bothers me about renewable energy are the naysayers. I mean there are always naysayers and they are almost always idiotic. The thing about it is that so many of them don't even really make sense. Like the people who don't want to live near wind power plants. Really, REALLY? People live under high tension power lines. Don't be an idiot. I don't paticualrly know to much about the subject because it doesn't really show up in my reading net to often but I predict that will change.

2) I will be expanding on this latter I think but I read something that really clicked with me. In order to make a governement work you need to both have a high degree of morality. The type of government you have determains where that morality needs to be placed. This doesn't include christian morality, in fact christian morality isn't actually very useful as far as this is concerned. Like I said I will expand upon this later right now it is just kicking around in my head.

3) I need to get scalped volume 6.

*) This is going to be a tiny comic book round up. My stomach will do this thing where it isn't hungry, it isn't hungry so I decide to leave my house and read some comic books or so some writting then as soon as I sit down and get situated I NEED ALL THE FOOD EVER NOM NOM LOLZ. Fuck you body.

4) DMZ. Man if there is anything that breaks my heart more than anything it is what is happening to/with DMZ. DMZ used to be one of my favorite comic book series of all times. That first three volumes radiated with such a crystaline brilliance that even now when I go back and reread them I am struck by how amazing it is and I have to wonder where it is that things went so very wrong. The thing is though is that DMZ has fallen into a pattern. They will have one story arc that has nothing to do with the main charecter at all and they are just pure world building, then the next story arc will be involving the main charecter Matty. When I think about how the last book ended I want to smash this laptop against the table several times and use the broken shards to gouge out the eyes of Brian Wood. Of course I consider this to be the hallmark of really good writing. The problem is that everything feels so very very wrong. I activly want the main charecter to die now. There is nothing, absolutly nothing he could ever possibly do to ever redeem himself. *spoiler* Just in case you are wondering he made my favorite charecter kill 15 innocent people. Specifically a wedding reception. *spoiler* It isn't something you can ever come back from and he had the audacity to try and make us all feel sorry for him. The thing is that in the early books Matty has always been kind of a tool. But instead of growing smarter during his time in the DMZ he has instead... become a bigger tool until just recently. Now he is no longer a tool, he is a failure at life and he should do something grand and martyr himself. This of course won't redeem him and all honesty I wish he would just put a gun in his mouth and solve the series biggest problem, and that's him. The problem though? The rest of the side stories that don't involve Matty still have that complete crystalline brilliance. I just wish they would scrap the main charecter because he sucks. FUCK HIM.

5) Incorruptable/Irredeemable- I've been looking foward to this book for awhile now. I really want to buy this series but I am currently buying up Malifaux minatures which is taking all my geeking budget monies up. I should write about Malifaux! I will in a bit right now I am running low on time. Irredeemable is neat. It takes the idea of what if a charecter with all the same powers as Superman, a high powered superman that is, just looses it one day and starts going on a rampage. It is an idea that has been done before. It has been done in powers, black friday, supream power, and a few others. The thing is though is that unlike these other books which either get abandoned or the superman charecter is brought under control, in Irredeemable the world has essentially been thrown into a post apocalypse, run by an insane god, who can hear you from anywhere on the planet. It is a brave little book that I am enjoying. Incorruptable which is what just came out is what I have been waiting for. As you may have guessed it is about one of the ultimate villians deciding that in a world gone made he might as well try to do some good in the world. So picture a throughly unrepentant, repugnant individual whoes side kick is named Jailbait suddenly watches the end of the world and decides that he has found god of sorts. It is pretty funny. He of course takes the rediculous views twords do gooding possilbe in that he refuses to use anything he stole, so he ends up living in the house of a cop he used to terrorize after burning several billion dollars. It is neat! I really like both books, and I got to say I like Incorruptable a heck of a lot more, but it is VERY SLOW.

I can understand a lot of the criticism I've seen levied at Incorruptable though. This is mostly due to the fact that the main charecter is actually amazingly complex unlink the charecter's in Irredeemable. That's gonna have to wait though. I gotta runs.

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