Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Days!

There are other things I'd rather be doing right now but it has been ten days. TEN days since I've written here last and that is long enough where I guess I should stop by and say a few dozen things. So first and foremost, I'm going to be writing on here less because I've started game mastering again, mutants and masterminds specifically. I am only one session in and it went reasonably well. The d20 system is kind of a beast to manage especially with all the special options that are allowed to everyone. I am trying to encourage them to use said special options, like encouraging team attacks and the like but it is going to be a learning curve for everyone. The nice thing about the game though is that I can throw them around pretty hard an not worry to much about killing them. You really got to work to kill people in that game, so that is pleasent.

So there is that, and that takes roughly two nights a week to write, one to plan the actual events of the game session and the other to stat everything out, draw up maps, and tweek the seesion events. I am really excited about what is coming up within the next two weeks though, I got some pretty awesome things coming. Well okay one is awesome, and I think the other one will be a lot of fun but it depends on how they handle it. Either way I am looking foward to it.

I've also been reading more, and this is something that I like doing. I plan on changing this sentence from reading more to reading alot more, and while that maybe the plan puzzle quest two just came out so, for a lil while at least, there won't be a whole hell of a lot of anything going on except me playing that.

Speaking of games I got to hang out and play Malifaux last night! I got to play two diffrent 35 point games, both of which went very well for me. Seamus is a beast, there is no doubt about it. His gun is absolutely terrifying, and at moderate damage he is able to kill most things in the game outright. Of course basing him in hand to hand combat just means that you have another whole mess of problems. He is a terrifically fun master to play. I wanted to take my Victorias out for a spin but unfortunatly since everyone else playing was using my mercinary figures I couldn't pull them out this time. That's fine though I got to see first hand how fucking awesome bishop is. Essentially, Bishop can either choose to have one trigger always go off, or he can choose from some pretty silly buffs. So the first thing he did was give himself toss aside, then he charged my seamus, and threw him around a corner where no one could support him any more. Then he charged seamus again because he can do that, and three him three inches further, then he charged him again. The potential for this sort of behaviour is increadble. If I hadn't of killed most of his crew by that point Seamus would of been dead. What is worse is that next turn he went first and gave himself +2cb bringing his attack ability to 9. Due to Seamus's low defense some of his attacks I couldn't even hope to dodge unless I burned a soul stone, which I was running low on) so I was cheating the defense flips just so that he wouldn't get plus flips to his damage. Bishop is pretty awesome. But the thing that is most important about him is that he needs to be supported by the rest of the crew. He has a really low damage output unless you grab critical strike, and even then it is only average. However, when you use him in tandem with an entire crew he becomes terrifying. Especially when he starts slinging knockout around god damnit.

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