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Okay so I said I would write more on this comic at a latter date. That date is today, I had it written down on my calandar and everything which is pretty exciting. Yay calandars! So here we are it is incorruptable time mother duckies.

Irredeemable is an interesting concept but like I said before it is something that has been done before, not once, or twice, but many many times. Though, also like I said before, it hasn't been done with quite the same bravery that Irredeemable has. The world is literally much closer to a post apocalyptic wasteland than I've ever seen it in one of these senarios. He destroyed Hungary in what has got to be one of my favortite comic book moments ever. Wow it is sad I don't own any of these books but I have been buying up Malifaux minatures which is important. Don't judge me.

Anyway so we are ready to pick up on Incorruptable. Which... you know I don't think we have a proper literary term to describe how these books relate to each other. If the books were more boing foil would work, and since I am in a pintch foil does work, but the complex interaction of the protagonist who is rather idotically called "Max Damage" far overshadow the general restrictions of the foil. That an a foil has already been established for the book but we will do that later, later as in never. One scene that really delinates the complextiy of the realtionship between Max and the Plutonian is when Max is talking about how Max never seriously considered killing him. Max isn't a mustash twirrling super scientist with dreams of world domination. He is really just a petty thief. He just so happens to be a near invulnerable petty thief with a penchant for psychic violence so he ends up with lots and lots of money, and stuff. He also has emo moments about not being able to feel anything but we won't talk about those because fuck them.

Not wanting to kill the Plutonian is one of the core diffrences between Max and someone who is compleatly evil. See Max doesn't have much of a moral compass. We don't get to see to much of his past but his partner JailBait is pretty good at filling in some of the nessisary blanks. Go go statutory. But the fact that even he recognizes that there is a limit. Granted stealing a mega virus and killing millions of people with it is will within that limit. But he realizes that no matter what fucked up thing he does, no matter what mess humanity can get itself into, the Plutonian can get them out of it. So when Plutonian becomes the mess what is someone to do.

Okay here is where the comic runs into a lot of problems. See Max's responce to the Plutonian is literally comical in nature. He throwing all of his ill gotten gains into the wind and becoming a good guy for good's sake is really kinda sorta dumb. The thing is that everyone except Max realizes it is dumb and the reader should to. I have found that in reviews and in coversation people take Max's actions far to seriously. Granted Max takes himself very seriously but the reader is pretty clearly not supposed to.

To give a little insight into Max's actions I have come to realize that Max is more of a rebel than a villian. He isn't rebel without a cause, or even a rebel without a clue, he is instead more of a man who just plain old doesn't give a flying fuck about what anyone tells him he is supposed to do. He stole all that money, the cars, and the stuff mostly because there were enough people out there who didn't want him to steal it to make it interesting. He killed people mostly because he wasn't supposed to, and his sidekick jail bait...well you get the idea. God I love her. Best side kick concept ever hands down.

Now Max is living in a world where none of that matters. All the money he stole? Meaningless there isn't enough money on the face of the planet to stop the Plutonian. The cars, the stuff, and the discreat joy of killing a dozen innocent people while fleeing from a crime scene? Yeah all that disapeared along with Hungry, most of the earth's heros, and the Plutonia's sanity. He could continue his crime spree but what would be the point? Max realizes there isn't any and since times have changed he needs to change too. So he does so in the most dramatic and cartoonish way possible. However, to him it is right. To him he is rebelling against everything he was, and the new world order. Burn several million dollars? Sure why not, in a world where money is worthless there is no need to bother with it.

Max spends a lot of time talking about how he won't use anything tainted by the blood of innocents or some cheesy thing like that. This is something that I regularly found hilarious throughout the book, especially when he breaks into a cop's house so that he can give Jail Bait a place to rest. That is the biggest deal. The rest of the world is locked into a full on survival mode, to the point where it is driving people insane. Like the guy who started threatening to kill his family unless the police protected them from the Plutonian. I love this moment, when Max walks in he turns the gun on him and starts screaming "Don't hurt my family" which frusterates Max to no end. This scene right here is the core of it. Max has gone just as crazy as the Plutonian and the poor crazed soul who wanted to wack his family so that they could be protected. Max wants to do the right thing and he needs it to be hard. It is about living to a higher standard than everyone around him just like before he needed to live to a lower standard. I like that a lot. I hope that the books last for quite a bit longer so that the world can be explored both through the eyes of max and the terrified eyes of the plutonians former comrades.

Okay hungry!

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