Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Annnnd off We Go

This one is going to be about the geeky side of my life. A few things to catch up on here and there.

Tribune!: I honestly can't remeber if I've written about this game before or not but I am going to do so now because I really like it. The game has some roman trappings to them but really it could be pretty much about anything. Essentially you have a certain number of victory conditions to meet usually 4 or 5. You use both cards and money to secure these victory conditions and potentially deny other people getting their victory conditions. Money is constant whereas the cards are an even mix of visible and non visible cards. The visible ones are more expensive but the trade off being you know what you are going to get.

Anyway I find the game to be great. A lot of the criticisms I read about it before buying it were mostly focused on the fact that the game is boring. There is no direct conflict and the game is more about manuvering than anything else. This same complaint is levied at Dominion and I it pop up numerous times during all sorts of reviews. People got themselves some serious agression issues. Sure Tribune does lack any sort of real conflict. Groups are taken over either by having more cards than the player holding the group or a higher number of cards. Either way the resoution is automatic and swift.

Tribune and Dominion is less about rolling dice until the other side dies (warhammer), or combat (Warmatchine & Malifaux). Instead these games are about efficency. It is about getting the most out of each move as possible. In Tribune Travanta kept taking risks with the face down cards and they never paid off, whereas my usage of face down cards was always to help me plan for my next couple of turns. Eitherway.

Dominion suffers from something similar. From everything I've read about Dominion...

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