Saturday, January 1, 2011

It is the New Year!

I don't really have anything to say about it positive or negative. A lot of retrospectives have been going around and this year was pretty good it is just that at this paticular moment I have nothing to say on the topic. This is because I am sleepy. I could be spending this time grinding in Pokemon but after looking at my gaming library backlog I am starting to have a hard time justifying to myself the desire to play pokemon which makes me a bit of a sad panda. Still I will carry on and it is by far the best iteration of the series so is just that I really want to start sticking my teeth into Victoria 2 or grab a guide and tackle persona 3, or maybe some other things. The point is that pokemon really strains my ability to justify the amount of time I spend playing the game versus the amount of time I could be spending doing other things.

Either way considering how this is one of the bigger problems in my life at the moment I think I am going to be okay :P.

I am also getting sick so I think it might be best if I stick to bullet points and short snippy ideas. Also for awhile this will be about the Malifaux game I played on tuesday:

- The Dreamer vs Lady Justice is actually a really interesting match up and I liked it alot.
-While I came out the winner, Cory really really got card screwed and things would of turned out very differently if I hadn't managed to kill Lady J with Lord Chompy in one activation.
-Both Masters are glass cannons with unusually sturdy crews, Death Marials don't go down easily or without a fight, and Oogie Boogie men don't die :).
-Because of the whole placement thing, the Dreamer Crew is shockingly fast, I would say faster than Kirai and as fast as Colette.
-The trick is getting everyone where they need to be. Cory made it easy by bunching his figures up. That won't happen again.
-Does hard to kill work with OggieBoogie flips? I think so... actually maybe not the wording is similar to falling damage
-Daydreams are essential to the dreamer list and killing them is just one of those horrible things to do.
-Cory's usage of the human shield for Lady J was pretty brilliant especially seeing as she can charge around them. I must remeber to do this for lillith.
-Daydreams are very effective units in of themselves and next game I need to be more agressive with summoning nightmares through the dreamer rather than sacking the daydreams.
-I totally misused Coppilus and I was given a brutal reminder that Lady J hurts like a bitch.
-I keep forgetting about the Judge's stupid slow to die. Whoever kills the judge usually gets slammed with either bullets and blades or blades and bullets. I hate those spells.
-The Teddy was a lil disapointing :( and I think I might switch him out for a hooded rider
-I want to play a couple of more games using the teddy before I finalize my choice though.
-It is just that he is the slowest thing in the crew by at least an inch.
-The Trick with him I think is to go big with out of control then either get the toss trigger off and follow up with a second charge or to finnish them off with an attack.
-His claws should be paired. Actually paired weapons+charge is RETARDED. You flip so many cards!
-All in all the Dreamer is a BLAST to play and I can't wait to try it again which will prolly be tuesday.

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