Saturday, January 22, 2011


Unlike the rolling stones I can get some satisfaction yesterday for example I had a truely excelent day. I woke up late, hung out with Jessica, then after she left I watched Snatch. Holy crap I forgot how much fun that movie was. That movie isn't exactly brilliant but it most certainly is fun, and fun movies are the ones I end up watching the most. You can't watch Hate every day you will end up killing yourself.

After that I spent some quality time with my new Supercard2, by stress testing the snes emulator. It is miles away better than what is already out there I can say that much right now. It can run starfox. Granted it is so slow that it is totally unplayable but the fact that they took the time to emulate the Superfx chip is pretty cool. It also doesn't run The Secret of Evermore which is disapointing as I do truely love that game. However, even at the height of SNES emulation they had problems with that game so I didn't have to many high hopes. I does however, perfectly run Bahamut Lagoon which is a Square game that harkens back to a time when Square actually made more games than Final Fantasy and those games were amazing. The biggest problem though with all the games I tested is that the emulator will hickup every so often which means any and all action games are pretty much out. Still, lmake ike I said it is an amazing effort and with any luck they will update it so that it can take advantage of the extra ram provided by ezflash. That would pretty much make it near perfect. Still as it stands right now I am more than happy with it.

While I messed with my flashcard I tried to download and play Vindictus. It ended badly, which is a shame. I shouldn't have any problem running it and yet even with all the settings on minimum the game is so choppy that it is compleatly unplayable. I was really looking foward to playing it too and once again I find myself seriously reconsidering upgrading my computer rather than procuring a next gen system. Which are proving to be a disapointment at the moment.

Lastly I finnished The Big Nowhere. I read well over 150 pages of that book and twords the end I realized that I had two choices, I could either finnish the book tomarow or I could stay up until 4. I think I made the right choice though I am paying for it right now. Ugh.

All in all it was a really good day. I am thinking of taking a couple of day off next month just to sort of recharge my batteries. I haven't decided on anything and I might just wait until my birthday and take my week off. All will be decided later.

I wanna talk a little bit more about Dominion. I decided to grab Intrigue and Alchemy expansions first. I didn't do so well on my most recent games. First and foremost the biggest, most painful discovery I made was that the Buercrat just isn't that effective of a card. The attack aspect of it isn't something I was very concerned about. I was more interested in drawing some silver. I can't remodel silver into gold, and it isn't really fast enough to make a mine worthwhile. With 4 gold I could get something like a Spy, a Villiage, or a Throne room. Throne rooms are flipping amazing and when you combine them with Woodcutters you have enough +coins from the cards that you don't even need the extra buy action.

As far as attack cards go Thieves are by far the most effective stand alone attacker. Instead of the one silver from Bureaucrat the thief can provide you with all sorts of pretties. Combine that with some decent card draw and possibly a mine and and you got the money train set up. The +draw is pretty much essential because once you start gathering victory points you don't want to be caught out in the cold.

I really wanna try a combination of a Milita and maybe something else, like a Spy. The spy is pretty much my favorite card in the game. It gives you a nice lil plus action and an extra card which if you do it right is another spy. That is the thing about attack cards though you need to go big or go home. A lot of people are right you do need some big money to get to victory it is more of a matter of how you are going to get there. The middle part of the game is pretty much a game of chicken, which ends when someone buys their first Duchy or Province. As soon as that happens the land grab begins and you are either already set or dead in the water.

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