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[M&M] Current State of Things

World building part two growing up moving forwards and moving on.

The players will still be centrally located in The City which is its name. The aliens coined it and even though the war is long over the name stuck and people have moved on. It is the city of tomorrow with over 65% new construction it is a glittering spire of progress that has the devil’s den attached to it like a larger cancerous lump. Yay Cancer!

Game play is going to take place roughly a year or so after the last campain took place and some things have happened. Note! While you will be centerally located in The City and while lots of action will take place there, more and more stuff will be happening around the country and world that you will be forced to deal with. So having either a base with a world class travel power, or a couple of people with world class travel powers and transportational abilities is recommended. It can be in the city, in a volcano, or even a satilite floating above the earth. Do keep in mind though is that the first few game sessions will be city based and then we will spread out from there. So don’t expect to go everywhere at the same time.

Laws and things to be concerned about:

Shangri-La technology along with Alien technology is highly illegal and possestion of such technology will mean that you will be extradited to either group and never heard from again. This is part of both the non agression pact signed with Shangri-la and the peace treaty that was made with the aliens. The aliens do have a technical exchange program with Shangri-La as a result both groups maintain a significant technical advantage over the rest of the world.

In all actuality this persecuted rather laxly. When a man in a funny looking costume and a gadget that is clearly alien in origin starts commiting a few crimes around town an alien warship doesn’t just appear over the city and begin raining death down upon the land. Nor does a Shangri-la hit team show up and quietly takes care of the problem. Instead it is up to the governments to catch the criminals and every so often the aliens or Shangri-la will saber rattle and demand satisfaction and they usually get it because of who they are.

How do the arms dealers get their weapons is one of those things that is “under investigation” but no one is sure just how thoroughly.

Church of the Breaking Dawn- Jesus was a mistake. Just like the rapture being on May 21st. It makes sense you know. People all throughout history have believed they were someone else, usually napoleon. This guy thought he was Jesus and he happened to have super heroic powers. Then another Jesus who sported a luchador mask and a laser rifle showed up. Then another man who claimed he was jesus died while trying to convince a group of Furies that their sacred bat wasn’t sacred. The church, disgraced ,officially disbanded. However, Jesus still walks the country and he is getting people to follow him. He is preaching an anti super powered movement and more and more people are starting to follow him. As of yet his plans are unknown but there is something very strange going on within the ranks of the New Breaking Dawn.

Or at least that is what has officially happened. Rumor has it that they just staged all of this stuff and that they have actually gone underground. To what end no one is certain and where they went is certainly a mystery and the false Jesus’ involvment is all unknown. What is known is that the false jesus is roaming around the Midwest gathering followers. At the moment he seems harmless and while many people believe he belongs in a hospital he is instead the butt of many jokes on the talk shows and since he has commited no real crime they leave him alone. However, there is the fear that his madness will come to a head.

Nazi Dolphins- Dolphins are jerks,. They always have been and they always will be. The whole race has gone back to the sea and they are still following the precepts of Nazism. Something big happened though and they don’t seem to have the same force or abilities that they once did. They opaque, grey domes are still under the sea at impossible depths. For now they’ve gone quiet but it is strongly suspected that they are reaching out slowly and carefully. There have been daring lightning raids that have the dolphins signature technology written all over it. What they are planning or what they are even doing is anyone’s guess. One thing is for certain is that things won’t be quiet for long.

The other thing is for certain is that the globe trotting trio who did their best to make the lives of the Try Hards miserable are no longer part of the Dolphin establishment. The three of them are almost always seen together and they appear to be cut off from the ocean. Months after the Nazi event they were seen expelled from the ocean and when they tried to reenter their suits wouldn’t allow them. All attempts to communicate with them have failed mostly because they wouldn’t stop shooting at the people trying to talk to them. They were last seen around Mexico.

In unrelated news the polution in the ocean has started to drop dramatically and no one can figure out why. And now the weather. Trish?

Nazi Humans- They are around. Where? No one is certain. Some think they are living deep within alien controlled territory. Others think they are traveling around china in a secret moving base. Other people think they are living in the moon, and that they have been hollowing it out ever since the end of ww2 with the intensions of creating their own paradise up there. Whatever the case may be just as the dolphins have made their presence more known the human Nazis have all but fled the earth.

The Super Heroic Sport League

With jail not really an option a company took an idea posed by the super hero group The Try Hards and ran with it. The Sport League is broken up into two groups. There is the all sport gladiatorial arena spectacular. With its stunning mix of capture the flag, and gladiatorial fighting comes the new super powered, super sports areana. There are now about a dozen arenas scattered all over the world that feature everything from zero g environments to, open fields, to underground caverns surrounded by lava, to massive industrial complexes compliments of abandoned alien bases. Now super powered individuals have a chance to strut their stuff on the field of battle. All of the contests are deemed non lethal but accidents have been known to happen on occasion.

Then there is a the all villian societal reinforcement league. Instead of controlled sports areanas the villians are set loose upon a controlled part of the world, and assigned a certain task or series of tasks that will make that part of the world a better place. Sometimes it is using super science to relieve a drought stricken area, or other times it is controlling a wildfire that has spread out of control. With every success they have they are able to remove some of their sentences. The more dangerous the task, and the faster they complete it the more time gets reduced. It is hoped that by showing these people the value of doing good that they will be compelled to commit more acts of good in the future,. While it isn’t as popular as the Gladitorial arenas it does have a decent sized dedicated fan base.


Don’t worry about it. It is somewhere and it has some serious nullification ability. UN run. It is like Guantonamo before everyone started talking about it.

Tesla- Has gone underground since his release from the Nazi’s clutches. He is possibly running for his life. Both he and his grand daughter have disappeared. No one misses them.

Circ Du Strange- They have recentenly, as in the past two months just prior to the games start become far more active in the world. To what ends no one knows. The circus has always been a mysterious organization that has undergone many name changes throughout its long colorful history. Now that the world seems to be changing more rapidly than ever they have started taking greater part in it. No one is certain what to think about this except that everyone is nervous. Of course their intensions are completely unknown and it could be anything from their secret hidaway being damaged by the recent events to a shadow civil war happening in the world of magic behind the scenes. Either way something is up with them and it will all be revealed soon.

Recently a new wave of crime has been hitting the city as new untested supervillians are coming in from all over to try and make their mark. With the Try Hards gone the Devil’s Den has refortified itself. A couple of heros have come to try and clean it out, one was later seen under the Death Dealer’s Control, the other two became part of one of the Button’s monstrosities. And it has very distinctly become one of the countries lost areas. Other criminals are moving in hoping to make their mark free to operate now that no one is around to stop them. No one except for…?

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