Monday, July 11, 2011

It is Malifaux season again!

Gencon is always a big deal for gaming and with it right around the corner I find myself bracing for impact as I know that my bank account will be negatively affected. The biggest culprit is going to be Malifaux which is acceptable to me, I like Malifaux. And I mean look at this shit:

Yeah I mean how could I not want that. I am a huge fan of cleavage and there is just something about a dead Lady J that makes me want this faster and harder than any one person reasonably should. And hey it is only 50 bucks, look at all of this and due to the limited nature of this offer I can't see how I will say no. It is going to happen. As these little gems of minatures are being released the much anticipated terraclips will be hitting the shelves. Terraclips are expensive there is no beating around the bush in that regard. However, they are beautifully made products that are worth the money it takes to get them. One of the most disapointing things about Malifaux for me is my complete inability to get terrain together. I just have no where in my house to really work on it, and even if I did I don't have the mechanical ability or cash to do so. So I will spend a lot of money on terraclips because they look ten times better than anything I could hope to make on my own.

So there is 150 monies more or less right there on the table ready to be spent and...I just realized that I've only played Malifaux once all summer. This disapoints me. I was going to put out a call to see if anyone would want to play with me on Thursday but James is getting sick and Cory seems to be MIA. Part of the problem is that we lack a place to play. Hopefully that will be resolved come Fall when the schools commons return to its 24 hour a day status. Otherwise we are gonna have to figgure something out because I love the game and I want to keep playing it, right now, very much so instead of working.

This is especially true because the new book will be hitting the world come Gencon with the much anticipated Avatars and puppet wars will be released. I want both of these things but I also want to be able to use/play with all of these things. I mean I spent all that money on McMourning and I only got to use him once and I got my ass kicked which is saddening.

Oh to that end I just reminded myself that I need to grab a Viktorias crew. James pulled a me and lost all of his figgures which means I am pretty much going back to being to sole provider of stuff to play with. This is cool because I have 4 crews. The problem is that I have Lillith, Dreamer/Lord Chompy Bits, Leviticus, and McMourning most of them are not exactly the most user friendly crews out there so what happens is that I get my ass kicked by Lillith. In fact I have only used Lillith once. The rest of the time she has been used against me and I gotta say she really is a fucking unstoppable force. It is distressing. I used my Mcmorning crew to more or less carve up 2.5 other crews then all the sudden lillith shows up rips through everything I have on the table, McMourning included, and then sweeps around to slaughter Hamlin like the dog he is. Granted my partner could of been slightly more helpful during all of this but whatever. The Viktorias are one of my favorite masters with a fun crew and they are easy enough for an infrequent player to pick up and use, unlike Leviticus who is made of pain in the ass.

In short I hope to be able to play more. I want to use my Undead/Hooded Rider tag team to butcher my friends as Leviticus pops his enemies like teenage pimples, I want to watch as Lillith cuts a bloody swath through my opponents, and I want to cheer GAMBLE FOR YOUR LIFE as the little satanic oogie boogie men bare down on my opponents. Hopefully soon and more often ne?

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