Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Lord of the Rings LCG!

I has it. I really want to be working on my first Ann Rand essay but my theory book is in the car and it weighs 2000 pounds. My backpack already weighs 2000 pounds so this is not a good combination. I need to clean it out again to make room. In fact the whole reason why I haven't gotten started is that my theory book and Atlas Shrugged never seem to end up in the same place at the same time. That will change either tonight or tomarrow night depending on how I feel and what I am going to do. The nice thing is that my migrain ended early enough yesterday so that I could get 10.5 hours of sleep after some nice extended relaxation. So that's good. The migrain wasn't even that bad it was more the timing and the complete lack of sleep.

Oh well moving on past general project reports I now own the Lord of the Rings LCG! Dadada bannana euclidian cow. Sorry surrealist humor. WHICH IS FUCKING HILARIOUS. I like the game. Actually, it is a pretty highly impressive package which is something you generally come to expect from Fantasy Flight games. It is why all their games are so fucking expensive. Its funny cause when I bought Kill Dr. Lucky I was expecting high quality art, nice thick charecter cards, heavy glossy card stock for the deck, and it wasn't what I got. It is a fine game with perfectly servicable components but it is no FFG game. Then again I either have FFG games, Dominion, or Agricola which has all wooden components so I can see how I've become a little spoiled. Then again Kill Dr. Lucky cost ten monies less than Cosmic Encounters and it is just as loved, though I doubt it will be as enduring. However, I digress. The Lord of the Rings LCG is good.

That's all there is to say really.

Okay well no there is more. This is FFG's 4th LCG and it really shows in terms of design, complexity, and potential longevity. As I look through the various decks, and the rules and can't help but wish that they would violently reboot the Call of the Cthullu LCG into a cooperative LCG styled after the LOTAR card game. SO basically it could be like travel Arkham Horror. This would be oh so nice. However, I don't think it would happen and for the most part I am perfectly happy with the game as is. Except for the setting. I mean why Lord of the Rings? LOTAR fans are so bitchy, about everything. Good god the forums are nothing but a sea of complaints, where is frodo, how come I can't go to mount doom, the game is to hard, the game is to easy, womp womp womp. SO BITCHY. Why not cater to a grateful fan base, like Shadowrun fans. That game would be amazing! Like just leave it pretty much exactly how it is and everyone would be.

Or even a more generic fantasy world where you can branch out whereever and how ever you want. Either way. We are stuck with Lord of the Rings settings and that is okay, looking ahead at the little monthly packs and I can see that they are going to be keeping up with a wide variety of quests as well as new cards for the decks. I think it is very smart to take on the Warmatchine strategy where you have only a few factions but the way each of the factions change drastically based on what heroes you select. That's cool and I am excited and I am mostly out of time.

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