Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Doctor will see you now

At some point I am going to rewrite this but...?

Woo so I am just going to say that while not everything didn't quite work out as planned life wise, I am doing pretty amazingly well for myself. Like take Thursday for example. Thursday I spent the afternoon playing Malifaux, then I ate with some friends, then I got to play two rip roaring games of Dominion, then a game of Cosmic Encounters. I got to do more gaming in one day than most people in my hobby could hope to do in a month. Then the next evening I got to play Fiasco. Fiasco is one of the most amazing things I have ever played and that will get its own blog post when I have more time to write.

So I want to write a bit about Malifaux because I finally got to use McMourning. The good doctor indeed! He is a murder machine! One of the tacticas I read regarding how to use McMourning is you use your crew to just tie up your oppoents figgures until you get around to moving McMourning over and murdering whatever figure in question. It is true, McMourning is capable of killing just about every figure in the game without much of a problem, with the exception of Lillith who is a bitch. Over the course of the game McMourning killed three Ice Gamins, 1 December Accolytie, and one Death Martial. I contributed to over 75% of all the deaths that happened over the course of the game and they were all commited by one model.

While I tend to favor meleetastic glass cannon masters like the Viktorias, The Dreamer, and now McMourning, McMourning has the odd distinction of being unusually unmanuverable. He doesn't companion with anyone and he can't fly or airdrop his entire crew ontop of someone who annoys you. So he kinda has to hoof it. As a result I think I am going to need to change his crew up. Currently I have a nurse, 2 Crookedmen, 2 Punk zombies, Sabastian, and two necropunks, and I am thinking I need to change something out for an UndeadRider. The undeadrider is more or less one of the games few indestructable tank units, it is hard to wound and it can heal two wounds every turn. It is nearly unstoppable and it is the perfect companion for McMourning. Oh yeah the other thing is that it is critical that McMourning keeps moving. As long as he is killing something he stays alive. When he stops he becomes immeadiatly in danger of death which is cool.

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