Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 Things and Other things

It is 2:20 am and this it is my favorite time of the night. Normally I'd be writing this on my baby laptop across the room in my comfortable bed, but I am already sitting up here and blogger was open cause I was looking something up and now here we are. Kinda like starting an addiction back up. Hey it is better than stalking my ex-girlfriends or something equally uninteresting.

The two things mentioned in the title is that I can never seem to finish a can of sunkist while I am at home, and I can't seem to get comfortable writing here. The novel worked alright, I needed focus. But for my rpg like writing I really need to do that at a table with the book spread out in front of me and other stuff. Even if I don't look at, or use the book I like it to be there. It is comforting. It is kinda like how I lug my 65,000 pound backpack everywhere. Just in case I need that I'd like it to be there. So I am kinda back to where I was. Whataburger is gonna end up becoming my new home but I'll need to pay to sit there and that kinda upsets me. That and shooing away homeless people but that's its own thing. I really wish they had a dollar menu, that would make this a lot easier. I like Whataburger because the tables are nice and big, and the booths are comfortable as hell, unlike Wafflehouse, or SteakandShake. Ultimately the best answer is to find a bar that I can slide into an hopefully go unobserved in terms of not drinking. This is all I've typed so far, mostly because I am having a conversation on Facebook at the same time and we are looking at upcoming movies for 2012. YAY!

Good stuff coming our way too. People often times ask me what period of time would I rather live in. Inveriably I answer, "this one". Sure I can't find a vest to save my life, and this age isn't perfect but I have the cinema of the world at my finger tips, games like you wouldn't believe, and more music than you can shake a stick at. Also the fact that I get most of it for free is pretty nice too. I mean man there are mediums of art that didn't exist 100 or even 50 years ago and so much more of it is available to me even without the internet we just have such a massively wonderful exposure to everything how could I want to live in any other time? People are strange.

I should be typing up the content of my wall since I've been rolling the week over on wensday evenings. I'll do it tomorrow though I gotta decide how I wanna do it and I want to be less distracted. On that note I am going to bed because games will be played tomarrow and my A game will be brought.

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