Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well That Was Decembertastic

December has happned! And there was a great victory to be had. Hello there sunshine and welcome to the first of, hopefully many installments to the wall. I came up with the idea for the wall at the start of November. For my NANOWRIMO novel I hung some wrapping paper on the wall next to my bed and put all the character names, plot points, themes, and other stuff onto it. This way at any given time I could glance up and see where I stood in terms of what I was doing and what I needed to do. It was a damn good stradgey. For December I put up some writing goals, and three colums, things watched, things read, things played. This way as the month ticks on I could, again, look up and at a glance I could see how I am spending my time and hopefully to spend my time a little more wisely.

December was a rough month let me tell you. I need new glasses so I have been getting frequent eye strain headaches. Not to worry though come the first I will have eyeball insurance and that will let me get my new glasses without breaking my bank. Happiness all around! I was also crippled for a whole week by depression. That was a little bit more serious L. Still I persevered and I am all better now. Still it is a bloody waste of time.

As for my writing goals I did pretty good. I set off to write 2 Asylum game sessions and 2 Paranoia game sessions. What I ended up with is a bundle of Asylum setting elements which are arguably more useful than actual game sessions and a game session.

I also ended up with 1.5 paranoia game sessions. I would have been more but I have been terribly blocked up when it comes to Paranoia and I think I am going to move onto something else and come back to it. I need to be in a pretty special mood to write for paranoia. Otherwise it just feels forced and ungainly.

I also had some trouble demarcating when my weeks begin and end. I am writing this on Friday the 30th when I technically have a couple more days left in the month. The reason being is that I roll the thing over on Wensdays. Ergo everything I did yesterday will go on the new month and hell yes for starting the new month strong.

The wall also does a poor job representing my magazine and rpg reading that I’ve been doing. The RPG book reading I am willing to write off but not representing Forgein Affairs and Harpers seems like I am missing something. Still it will be something I’ll have to figure out later. I most certainly am not writing down the name of every god damned article I read. It would take forever. Anyway on with the lists:


Lost S2 E1 thru 23 -I really enjoyed season 2
House of Sand and Fog- This movie is heartbreaking on a fundamental level and I know so many people like the girl
The Muppet Movie- Holy shit this movie is more fun than anything ever.
Lost S3 E1 thru 16- I am still enjoying the show very much, the episode with the diamonds is my favorite so far
Catch .44- Tarantino wannabi movie. It does a good job of it though, lots of fun but I wish it ended a little differently.
We need to Talk About Kevin- Cold, mysterious, and I feel that the movie is far more complex than anyone is giving it credit for.
Sherlock Holms and the Shadow Kingdom- A jolly good romping fun. It has all the substance of a pastery puff but holy shit I like pasteries. The slow mo got in the way at times but all in all I liked it.
Young Adult- So many people focus on the girl and rightly so. But seriously, that guy she is hounding after is also a total looser. His wife is to good for him.
Martyrs- The first half of this movie is one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen. The ending then ruins it with pointless mind numbing torture porn. Whatever.
Cold Sweat- Now this movie is hella fun! Holy shit I loved just about every minute of it. It is tense, exciting and hilarious.
Elite Squad Enemy Within- Man it is weird when they make a reffrence to Carilandu cause I’ve seen a movie based on those events. The movie as a whole is a fantastic police proceedural. Go see it.
Hudson Hawk- A rated R slapstick comedy with Bruce Willace? The movie is to weird to excist and it does and I love it.
MI4- Half of the theater gasped at one point. I loved the sandstorm chase scene and a lot of other things about the movie. Pitch perfect action film. Grimdark people take note! This is how you really do it.
BoardWalk Empire S2 E1-7 Everything about this show is the best.

Games Played!
Tower of Babel 4 times
Super Dungeon Explore 2 times
Lord of the Rings 2 times
Game of Thrones 6 times
Dominion 9 times
D&D Wrath of Ashardlon once
Heroclix 3 Times

Things Read!
FF Vol 1-3 - J Hickman’s run is a thing a sheer sci fi beauty and wonderment. One of my all time favorite authors
Blue Estate - I hate the fact that I read this because now I have to wait until the next trade to find out what happens. This comic is fantastic.
Red Mass for Mars- J Hickman’s super hero epic with all original super heroes and mediations on utopia what isn’t to love.
Morning Glories Vol 1- This is the best new comic I read this month.
Crimina Bad Night & Last of the Innocents- Last of the Inncoents is so so so good. I don’t even know how to describe it really I LOVE when comics use their visual aspect to the fullest.
Batman Return of Bruce Wayne- Pulled it off the shelf for a nice little reread through
Batman Kightfall- I wanted to know what it was all about. Now I do, and I am good thanks.
Road to Flashpoint- I actually really like the new flash books. I think he is fascinating and the scale he can work on is kinda mindboggling.
Flashpoint- DC loves their alternate universes. The idea of Bruce being shot, his dad becoming batman, and his mom becoming the joker is one of the most spectacular ideas I have ever seen.

That’s my month. It doesn’t show my time playing Glitch, Dwarf Fortress, or Dungeon Fighters but hey I don’t think they should be included. It is a pretty impressive month all things considered. 4 movies in the theaters and a decent pile of comics. This new month is already off to a pretty good start and lets hope I can keep it up.

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