Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Lost with Lost

So I have just finished the second season of Lost and I have to say that thus far I am enjoying it very much. I like the various mysteries that are being introduced one by one and thus far the majority of the main characters are engaging unlike some shows where when two characters wander onto the screen you pick up a book or something and entertain yourself until they are finished like True Blood. I kick it because I love it. Dating me is hard.

Anyway so far my three favorite characters are Locke, Jin, and French Chick cause who wouldn’t love her? I know I do.

There are a few things that I would like to point out. Okay ordinarily flashbacks are boring. Very boring. Why bother with a flashback when it doesn’t advance the present right? However, Lost uses its flashbacks effectively. The flashback provide a wide variety uses and there isn’t a single cast member that I roll my eyes at when it is their turn for a flashback. In fact there has been some pleasant suprises like Desmond’s and Rose’s flashbacks. It is nice to know more about these characters and I hope that we get see some more glimpses of side character’s lives before they are killed off, like in the case of Libby.

Another thing that makes me want to grab the show and give it a big old sloppy kiss is how it handles Charlie’s addiction. Addiction stories bore me. If I want to watch one and feel bad I own Requium for a Dream. If I want to laugh I have Spun. If I want to be pleasenly puzzled I have Naked Lunch which remindes me I really want to see that again. The point is that I have many pieces of media which handle addction much better and in a far more interesting way than watching Charlie replase into an addict. But they didn’t. They tempeted him. They make you wonder. But in the end he keeps his big boy pants on and throws several virgin mary statues into the sea. Good for him and thank you for not making the show worse. I was worried about it too because there is no way I wanted to sit through watching Charlie relapse into drug use.

There is the hatch. That was cool. Though I am assuming that after the events of the second season the hatch is well and proper fucked. I am okay with that though because, well I mean whatever it served its purpose for the most part and it isn’t like there aren’t others if they really need it. Though I am slightly anxious to see what happened to Locke because I like him. He is a very diverse, complex, highly interesting character to me and while he has had a variety of flashback episodes none of them have explained why he is in a wheel chair, amongst other things. So that’s interesting.

Michael has more or less proven that people named Michael suck. Seriously what the fuck? Okay sure Anna Lucia annoyed me and I wasn’t sad to see her go but I liked Libby and now I have to watch Hugo be sad. I don’t want to see that. Hugo is one of the rare voices of reason on the show, like how come no one mentions the smoke demon or worries about it, or what is up with the polar bears. Nope everyone just goes on with their merry little lives.

Jack is an asshole. I don’t really like his character but at the same time I do. I mean Sawyer is a tool. He is like that big kid on the playground in 8th grade pushing people around and thinking he is a big deal. Ultimatly Sawyer is harmless, just annoying. Jack however has a real nasty streak to him that is ten miles wide. Not just the having Sawyer tortured but also the way he gets the guns back and several other things he does to the man over the course of the first two seasons. Sawyer shows himself to be not such a bad guy, he tries to save Michael’s kid, and there are a couple of people he cares for, I dunno. I do know that if I had to choose between the two I’d hang out on a dessert island with Sawyer over Jack, setting aside Jack’s medical expertise.

The smoke demon is around. We get our first good look at it this season and it is a smoke monster just like everyone said it would be. What’s it’s deal? Who knows. I’m sure that will be explained by the 5th season or so. Right after Lost ended I watched a you tube video where a pleasant man with a brittish accent explained the ending of Lost using post-it notes. I don’t remember much except that the smoke demon is important and something about Hurly becoming the gaurdian. I bet it is because of those numbers. The EVIL numbers. Funniest flashback ever btw.

It looks like the 3rd season is going to give us a good look at the OTHERS and I am pretty excited about that. I’d like to know why they are so damn convinced that they are the good guys and what not. I am sure they have an interesting reason, if not a good one.

Oh hey what was up with the Hieroglyphs? That seems like a strange thing to have on there as a “your fucked” sort of thing. Then again there is a giant magnetic wall that Locke really really pissed off so whatever. Something tells me that won’t be explored till a little later in the show. I know there is an episode called THE INSIDENT so hopefully I’ll get some illumination there.

It is winter time and my house isn’t heated so I end up watching a lot of TV. I also tend to get depressed this time of year which is what I am right now. So far Lost has been a good companion beating out several other movies I’d like to see. Right now this post is being written in a vain attempt to not start the third season of lost but instead to do something productive. Oh well looks like we know how this is going to end TA!

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