Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Frosted Flakes

I was never allowed to have delicious cerial as a kid. Well I was but only every other weekend when I went to my mom's house and even then not very often. Anyway for lunch I had a medium sized salad and two bowls of frosted flakes. Holy shit I forget how much I love this stuff until I eat it. As much as I love it though it isn't really worth buying for me because I get tired of eating it about half way through the box and it goes to waste.

However, as a once and awhile snack? Frosted Flakes are thing of glory. In other news I don't have much time left of my lunch. I was busy catching up with the internet and stuff like that. I got a new powersource ordered so hopefully I will be internet enabled again real soon. After that it will be a hop skip and a jump away from dealing with my other minor but perpetually annoying problems. Like the lack of music in my car, the fact that I want a new computer, and that I have to go back to the dmv on friday and give them even more money because things beyond my control happened to me. Oh well. I swear to god there are few things more annoying than the DMV. Just the whole idea of it all and how inefficient it is. Actually it seems to be almost deliberatly inefficient. Like take a more recent situation. James and I go down to get the car registered. They can't because they have to visually confirm the vin number. So they have to issue you a temporary tag which means I have to go back to the dmv for a second visit. My actual time spent with an agent totalled about an hour and a half between both visits. So we could of saved everyone a pile of time if I just said "fuck your laws I am just going to drive this shit illeagally down here and you can do it then". In fact most of the things involving the DMV are 100% easier if you just lie and break the laws.

One time I went down there because of something only to find out that my liscense was suspended. They handed my liscense back and let me drive away even though it is 100% illegal. They do paperwork, shuffle around information, and nearly 99% of it is unessisary yet there it is just in case something happens or something like that. This is one of those grey area "roles of government" type things that I am just not sure about. I mean these records could really help out in a lot of ways but mostly only if the vehicle is financed. If it isn't then nearly 100% of what the dmv does is just nosey information gathering. Like registration, you are going to have a hard time making me believe that paying a pile of money every year after sitting in the dmv serves some sort of important function for the smooth running of government. I am in favor of emission tests. I don't see why any state who requires registrations wouldn't require emission tests. But ours doesn't. So they don't care if my care if my car drives around bleching black smoke just so long as they know where it is. I don't get it. Perhaps there is a greater purpose that I am just not seeing.

On that note I am going to go back to work and do stuff involving dishes.

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