Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gaming is Fun!

I am not sure what I want to write about. Prolly about gaming but I am not sure which paticular gaming topic I want to latch onto. There is something to be said about how lackluster I am finding this current generation of gaming consoles to be and how computer gaming seems to be enjoying a nice micro rennisance but I mean there I said it. That's it. Right now you either agree with me or you don't. No matter what I say I am not going to convince you one way or another.

It is weird cause this generation started pretty strong too but it seems to be running out of steam. That and there is a distinct lack of wonderful japanese games that are the bread and butter of my console gaming experience. So? What I dunno. I play Dwarf Fortress. All the pretty graphics in the world aren't going to interest me. I do wish I had the time for fighting games though. That is a distinct lack in my life that pc gaming can't effectivly fill up. This wouldn't be a problem but it seems like the days of cross console arcade sticks are over which is complete and utter bullshit because they both have fucking usb ports. There is literally no reason why there can't be cross compatible sticks. See I have a loaned 360 but 99% of all fighting gaming happens on the PS3 prolly due to its free online or something like that. Who knows. Stitching from one controller to another means a LONG series of lost matches while you adjust. I also prefer 6 button to 4 button but that's mostly a me thing. Currently the thing I am most insterested in is a Vida but that won't be for another year or so when the second generation of hardware comes out.

Thus we turn to gaming unplugged. Man it has been kind of a banner year for table top gaming. Right now I am veering into the realm of historical war gaming and I am loving it. I am not sure where I want to go with it though. I think I am going to keep it on the hex and chit level. If I ever want something new all I have to do is to pick up the latest issue of Strategy and Tactics and I am good to go. This way I will have a wide variety of historical games from all sorts of different time periods to play, but also have them be easy to store and transport. As much as I love Sekigahara it is a pain in the ass to transport and break out and play. There is also the issue that so many historical war games are just two players. I love the two player game play experience. I think it is far more intense than a group game and it provides a much more focused style of play. Unfortunately, gamers tend to come in groups and you gotta accommodate that. Though I am seriously thinking that some of the larger ASL scenarios would go much better as a team game. Especiallly some of the larger Code of Bushido scenarios where you have multiple waves of reinforcements and stuff like that it would be best to have teams of players to help keep track of everything. I feel the same way about Eastern/Western Front. I don't own these games but I'd love to. The thing is that 100 bucks of a game that I'm not gonna play very often makes me cry a little.

Also it makes me swell with pride just how much I got right with the ASL rules. It was a slog but I understand them now. HOORAY!

Going back to the 100 bucks thing I am considering more and more getting into Warmatchine. Warmachine rides the boundary between being a full on miniature war game and a skirmish game, it has big robots, and I love the Cryx. So I am looking into it more and more. Furthermore we have a pretty large warmachine community around here. I am looking to expanding my gaming play groups and the best way to do that is to start playing some other games that people play. That and well you know it is Warmachine the game is amazing. Here is the rub though. See there is a two player battle box and it is full of factions I don't wanna play. But if I got that I could get other people to play with me a little easier. Or something. I dunno. I might just quietly buy some because I want to put some models together and the cryx look nice. I'll start with that and see where it goes. Also the starter kits come with quick start rules! Hey! Well that settles that then. I'll pick them up eventually.

Something that will happen much sooner is that I've been rebitten by the Game of Thrones bug. I bought a chapter pack at random and man that just happened. As much as I love that game I am not sure what to do with it. James and I are just more into it than everyone else is. I wanna keep playing it but I dunno. I do know that I want the Brotherhood without Banners cycle. That cycle is amazing and it will make my Greyjoy deck thunder about in an unstoppable wave of destruction. It will also give the Lanisters some snazzy options as well as some other things. I also want the Lannister box set. I also want to tweek my Stark deck so that I can break my reliance on the Bear people and that Agenda that seems fun until you realize that it should be for the Greyjoys not the Starks. Rawr! Oh well I wish all the houses had a unique agenda that only they can play. It would be nice. Maybe in a future set.

In other news I want the panty nazi game. The panty nazi game is just a card game but it costs more than a warmachine starter. However, the panty nazi game seats 4 and that's pretty exciting. Or I might just buy some more ASL stuff. I don't really care but I have to go to work.

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