Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So What Did Happen in Feburary?

Welp Feburary happened, and all in all it has been a pretty crappy month for me. I got rear ended which totaled my car and thus turned my life upside down for a good whole week. As a result I didn’t really get anything done I wanted to as I was far to busy dealing with stupid car shit. Everything worked out in the end, but it was stressful, unpleasant, and highly scary. Setting aside the stupid car incident we also ended up down a person at work. Poor Sasha is on a medical leave of absence. I ended up working 10 days in a row to cover things, and that SUCKED. I didn’t have a car the whole time either so I was just kinda drained and unhappy. Once again though things are working out and moving forwards. In other news I have a replacement car already and things are fine though I ended up no where near my writing goal. I feel I am excused on the grounds of excessively time consuming events.

I did get to learn and play Advanced Squad Leader though and that was exciting. I am now a huge fan of the game. The first two games we played only involved troops to help get used to the basic turn order and mechanics of the game. Now that we got that down we will be adding more devastation in short order. Then we will be able to tackle the real game. Once we got the basic flow of the game down it actually plays pretty quickly. I am looking forwards to playing some of the more advanced scenarios.

Our plans are to start with the Japanese units as they are wonderfully fun. Also The New World is quickly becoming one of my favorite games when I need something quick and painless to break out and play. The whole thing seats 6, fits in two deck boxes, is easy to pick up, break out and teach. It isn’t the deepest game in the world but it is fun and fast.

In other news I went to Courtney’s birthday party. Liberty Lanes is by far the strangest place on the face of the planet. That was fun and I’m glad I did it.

Though when it is all said and done I’ve consumed a pretty impressive amount of stuff. It is currently the 4th of the March and already things are much better so onwards and upwards. Pip pip cheerio.

Things Watched

Week 1
Lost Season 5- This will get its own blog post shortly
Chronical- I loved this movie, it got so much right and it used the first person camera thing in clever ways. One of my new favorite superhero origin movies.
Lady in Black- This movie has SO MUCH potential to be good. Oh well.
Quills- This is the first DVD I bought. It remains one of my favorites. I will never tire of this movie.
Carnage- Holy crap this movie was brilliant and I really wanna watch it again.
Rampart- SO GOOD. James Ellroy co-wrote this movie and it shows. Rampart is a nasty man. Such a good movie.
Win/Win- This movie is heartwarming to the extreme. I love movies about marriages in progress, and this movie was just so good. See it or die in my eyes.

Week 2
Sleeping Beauty- Oh man one of the best alternative sex movies I’ve ever seen. On its own merits such an amazing movie.
Let the Bullets Fly- Chinese and this movie was a ridiculously good time.

Week 3
Lost Season 5 Finished
Lost S6
Snow Town- I had a hard time following this movie at first. Everything was kinda quiet and I didn’t understand what was happening until the end. Now that I get it I really wanna see it again.

Week 4

Secret World of Ariete- This movie is so picturesque and nice. It is a wonderful film even though nothing happens in it.
Ghost Rider 2- Nick Cage said it best when he said, “Every line in the movie is either whispered or screamed and everything is on fire” I couldn’t give it a more roaring endorsement.
Zebraman 2- I was actually shocked at how much fun this movie was. I should watch the first one some day.

Things Played
Dominion 5 games
Puerto Rico
Super Dungeon Explore
Summoner Wars 2
HeroClix 1
Kill Dr Lucky twice
Twilight IMPERIUM!
New World 2
Dungeon Run
Sekigahara 1

Things Read
Week 1
War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath- A wonderful comic. I like how they took the time to show the aftereffects of the horrendous events that happened to the green lanterns instead of just carrying on like nothing happened. There is some pretty powerful writing in here.
Secret Avengers Vol 1- This book is good. It took me a minute to remember what happened and it is fun but I dunno I wanna read the second book but I don’t wanna run out and buy the first one.
Future Foundation Vol 2- I was a little disappointed with this volume. First the art is terrible. The multi Mr. Fantastics is being wrapped up to quickly and I am not sure I like where the Kree and the Inhumans are going. That said I will buy the next volume without question.
Invisables Vol 7- SO GOOD
The Filth- Every time I reread the invisables I reread this as well. The Filth is a nice addendum to the invisables. Thematically they are opposite and yet they have similar messages. It is a strange but wonderful book.
American Vampire Vol 2- Oh man Sinder is going to be one of the new rising stars in comics. No question.

Week 3
Chew 1-3- Reread and loved once more!

Week 4
Batman Gates of Gotham- Wow this book is wonderful. It is a nice history of Gotham That tells the story of the city as well as Dick’s struggles to become Batman.

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