Friday, July 6, 2012


Not the book/movie about the football team that crashed in the mountains and ate their dead just the general sort of alive.  That is what I am.  Heya. 

So recently I haven't had very much to write about.  That usually happens when I am not reading enough but I have been.  I just haven't really felt the need to write about it.  I mean I read a neat article about how all the agriculture in the great plains is going to vanish.  That's troubling but ultimatly something I don't have an opinion on.  I read a really neat article about how Walmart is using local farmers to help themselves save costs and that was cool.  Again though something I am ultimatley opinionless on.  I've read a smattering of other things here and there and they are neat.  I've read more of DC's new 52 and there is some stuff there but not much.  I love the new Wonder Woman book by the way and everyone should at least give it a shot. But I haven't wanted to go into detail about any of them.  So yeah I dunno.  That's changing though.  It won't change now because I am going to have my lunch end before I can get into it but soon.  I want to write something on Savages.  I find that movie to be both maddening and interesting at the same time.  It is a movie that could of been beyond epic but they failed to give the blonde haired girl any sort of personality and thus the movie rotted at it's core.  I also wanted to talk about the post modern nightmare that is the new aetheist movement. 

Atheists are the sort of people who have more in common with Satanists than either of them want to admit.  For the most part they both look like little children railing against christiaity.  What's worse is that the more serious they become the more comical they end up looking.  Eventually it gets so bad that you can't help but wonder if you are taking part in some sort of brilliantly crafted Swiftian satire and any moment now you are going to get that sly wink to let you know that this is all really a joke and you aren't supposed to believe any of this crap.  It doesn't come though because Atheists are very seriouse people.  Not all of them of course there are some who I can get along with but for the most part it is a very dour belief.  I am not an atheist because I don't need to be.

There is something to that I think.  Today to be random I asked one of the little people scurrying around me is she was finding her life fulfilling.  Granted my question took her off gaurd and right when I asked it she was pouring pureed muck down the garbage disposal but still.  Why in gods name would you ever answer that question other than yes it is?  I mean I find my life fulfilling.  I am filling with laughture and curiosity.  I like highly difficult games that require a lot of though and planning.  I produce both creative works and intelegent thought in people, and I like to think that when I leave people their days are, for the most part, just a little bit brighter than before.  I surround myself with positive people and I work to learn new things.  I like my life and I find it to be highly fulfilling.  I can't imagine being in a situation where I would answer that question in the negative and then do nothing about it.  

Yet it happens day after day I see people who are so radically unhappy with their lives and yet they do nothing to help change it.  I don't understand but then again most people can't answer the question, "What is it that you do that is so important that you shouldn't kill yourself". That is a question posed to us by Camus.  I was the only person in the class who didn't need to think before coming up with reasons.

Oh well LUNCH is over and there is probably some work or something to be done.

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