Friday, July 27, 2012

Chick Fil-A, Aurora and I dunno maybe politics

Some things have happened and I've decided to weigh in, partly because I have the time and mostly because I want to.  Also because it is fun and I want to wind up before I start my real purpose for being here.  Okay so off we go.

Chick Fil-A.  You know it has gotten to this point and I still haven't seen the original thing that has pissed everyone off.  I know it is out there and I am sure I can google it right now and I'd get all the information I want but whatever.  Ultimately it isn't important.  Thanks to people not caring it doesn't really matter what you said anymore but what everyone thinks you said.  That's its own thing but don't worry philspohers assure us that Post Modernism is full of crap and everything is fine *giggle*. 

So it happened.  Lets address that first.  The head of Chick Fil-A managed to piss of the gay community and people who support it.  The whole thing is massivly embarrassing and more than a little shameful but whatever.  As most of the people say who have no stake in the matter, "Whatever they are entitled to their opinions".  Okay lets stop right there and have a conversation about opinions.  Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinions.   I am having one right now.  I am also a rabid first amendment supporter so it isn't like I am against him  Go forth and speak your mind.  However, just because you express your opinions doesn't mean there shouldn't be consiquences.  Consiquences are one of those things that matter.  Without consiquences we all become those people who comment on youtube videos.  We become people who can say anything and we don't need to weigh our words or temper our thoughts.  It allows us to be shameful.  I fully endorse his right to express his opinion but I also fully endorse the responce that the company has been getting.  I'd join the boycott but I don't eat fast food so it isn't like me not spending my money extra hard is going to make a difference.  I am glad the Jim Henson company dinged them upside the head though.  That made me feel good and I'd buy the muppet movie in support but I don't think that's how that works.

I'd like to take this time to remind people that it is easy to forget how much this shit hurts when you aren't the one being descriminated against.  If you happen to be lucky enough to be straight then it doesn't really affect you.  No one is telling you that you are sub human, a genetic abnormality, that you deserve to die, and that you aren't allowed to marry.  It is sad and it is hurtful and it is important to stand up to people who say hurtful things and remind them that it is not very nice.  I am not saying there should be leagal repocussions or that we should make a law against not being nice, but loosing a toy line and a good old fasioned internet smack down is enough.

In fact this is one of the few things that has gone right recently and in a lot of ways this situation is cause to celebrate.  The ceo said something crappy, people stood up, stuff happened, words have been said, repocussions have been dished out, and this far no one has been sued or physically hurt.  This is the way it is supposed to work and that is something we shouldn't overlook either.  It is nice in a way. 

Lets move on to Aurora.  Guns don't kill people but they help, I think we should only ban costumes if they are shitty, your face.  If Chick Fil-A , seriously the dash button is in a really inconvenient place on the keyboard so they will NEVER be mentioned again, Aurora is everything going wrong.  Our responce to the Aurora shootings is wrong on a basic fundamental level that makes me wanna curl  up with a book and ignore the world.  I am going to do this a little quick because the subject depresses me.

1) This event shows that we have learned absolutely nothing from Columbine, or any other mass shooting.  We are still the same sad scared little people we were at that point.  We ban random things, say stupid things, over react then under react and now Michael Moore has vanished into obscurity so we aren't going to get a neat documentary on it.

2) Ban banning?  Here is my thing on the gun banning, would it help?  How many tons of cocain are smuggled into our country every year?  You think guns can't be smuggled in as well.  While you are contimplaing that remember that the rise of organized crime in our nations really started with prohibition.  Giving criminals more avenues to make money by committing crimes seems like a bad idea.  It will also mean that when someone wants a gun they will be able to get them.  Continuing on there were several spree killings awhile back in china where people would run into daycare centers with a knife. 

2a)  A question. Why should the guns matter?  If I were to give everyone in America a gun tomarrow it shouldn't affect our murder/violent crime rate.  It hsould be a non issue.  We shouldn't want to kill each other.  I am going to say something next and I EXTRA don't mean it in a christian sense of the word.  However, the problem with the way we treat our fellow man is a spiritual one.  Banning guns isn't even the problem.  The problem is why do we shoot at each other more than other people.  Why do we hurt each other more than other people.  Why do we have more serial killers and spree killings.  WHy do we have so much mental illness.  Answer these questions and maybe just maybe the guns won't matter.

However, that won't happen while we subsitute our opinions for clever pictures on the internet and engage in empty rhetorical slogans so we get the world we deserve.


Romney went to London and totally fucked it all up.  It is sad.  Romney has accused Obama of being a bumbling feckless leader, and he pissed off a country by being a bumbling ineffective clod.  Ultimatly this won't matter in the poles because most Romney supporters have their heads up their asses and don't understand how government works.  Here is the thing though, While a presidential's power is massivly stymied within the bounds of our nation a president's power to deal with the rest of the world is NOT.  While a president can set domestic policy they really need the congress and senate to help make the laws and find the money.  How we deal with the rest of the world is a presidential thing.  Not only did he bungle london but his advisers bungled london as well and this is increadibly bad.  Right now he just looks like an idiot but what's going to happen when it matters?  Is he going to be able to deal properly with China so something bad doesn't happen, how is he going to handle Iran?  If he wins this election he is going to be saddled with Afganistan and is her going to be able to deal with the complex cultual differences they they present when he can't even handle London?  Now that's a thing.  Okay doing other things now.

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