Monday, July 23, 2012

Yay I'mma Write Something

It isn't like I haven't been writing I just haven't been writing here.  That's the rub.  I considered dropping an update last night but I got started playing Dungeon Fighter Online and I was on fire so I decided to just do that instead.  When you are good at that game it is SO MUCH FUN!  Its player base is shrinking though and it will prolly be dead in a couple of years so I figure I should enjoy it while it is gonna last.  I was talking to a friend yesterday and she was talking to me about the stuff I've been considering for awhile but haven't told anyone about.  She thinks I should try making money off of blogging.  It is possible.  It wouldn't be this blog of course I'd start a new one and I would need a bunch of content on it before it would work out but it seems like a really good idea to me.  It is something I'd been considering but I need a focus.  Comics is something I love but it doesn't really work because I am a trade waiter and there is no way I am gonna start buying individual issues just so I can be current.  I could do gaming but in order to do that I either need some sort of campaign game like thing going or I need to buy lots and lots of games.  Neither of these seem palatable so I am going to give it a pass.  So looks like it is movies.  This will work out for me.  It is easy to stay current with movies and there is so much to say about them.  Best of all it works as a topic. 

In other news my game is truckin along.  I got some nice work done while I had my vacation.  Tonight or tomarrow I am going to rig up some more counters so I can do some play testing on it.  Right now I am hashing out the rules for heroes and stuff like that.  I need to make sure that the frail heroes are frail and that the tough heroes are tough which is easy enough. 

I also want to make it so that it can branch out into multiplayer territory.  I am thinking of maybe using cards to buy interrupt actions on other people's turns.  This is good because it keeps what is going on in a multiplayer game.  Though I gotta say multiplayer games are gonna be a meat grinder type situation.  That's cool though.

I'm at the point with "Paragons" where I think I can start branching out.  There are some other games I want to play but don't exist yet or they exist in a form that annoys me.  One is a mad scientist university worker placement game.  Where the goal is to build inventions for points but each of the invensions once built give neat bonuses.  Then of course there is the chance of things going terribly wrong and an invension running amok breaking/blowing things up.  I think it could be really themeatic and a lot of fun.  I won't lie I bought Caylus because I wanted to see how some of the other euro games work before I start designing my own.

I also want some sort of weird sports game.  Like blood bowl only, well you know cheaper.  Some upgraded mechanics wouldn't hurt either.  I'm thinking a super hero sports league sort of deal where the action takes place over half the planet or something similar like that.  Or a more toned down version involving wizards.  Wiz-War is so much fun and I think it would be even more fun with an all out brawl sports theme to it.  I don't know I'll do some brain storming on the matter soon.  Unfortunately I am going to go back to work and do things with dishes and harass people who don't wanna be harassed.

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