Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rush Limbaug is a big stupid...

Or is he?

Alright he is. But sometimes he has a point. Yeah yeah so what the hell was I doing grooving with Limbaug? Well all of his broadcasts are up on demonoid and I like listening to people I don't agree with. It's interesting, and he is not stupid. A lot of his arguements are sound and, as much as it shames me to say it, he agrees with what I was saying about Obama before the election. Ugh.

The boradcast I was listening to in paticular was

March 31, 2009 and it mostly had to do with Obama's handling of the automoblie industry. I can see why he's having such a hard time with it though. It is a nearly impossible argument to make and I am rather torn on it myself. So lets get all the components together.

Problems he has with Obama's auto industry thingy listed in order of merit from stupidest to not so stupid:

Personal Freedom
Environmental Impact
Electric cars are crap
Controling Wages
Personal Freedom

Yeah the freedom is on there twice. Rush has this habit of not argueing very clearly when he rants and as a result he starts tripping over himself. Anyway lets start dismantling this crap.

Personal Freedom- Rush is claiming that Trucks and SUV's are the cars that are selling, and any litigation which restricts our ability to buy trucks and SUV's is horrid. This argument comes out of the fact that Obama is chopping a whole bunch a vehicles out of GM's product lines. Personally I think this line of reasoning is insane. No where are we gaurenteed stuff. I've also feet that the truck/SUV obession is a series of abombinations that leads to innatentive drivers. People drive Trucks because they feel safer way up high, well guess what you do less of when you feel safer, yeah pay atension. There is also a point where he calls anyone who buys a hybrid car stupid and he ends up berating a caller over it. This is starting to step on my later points though so I am going to move on.

Environmental Impact: Rush doesn't believe in global warming. This is one of those things that makes him an idiot. Here is why. Go find a garage. Now close the door. Now turn your car on and sit there for a couple of hours. No its okay I'll wait. Make sure you have at least half a tank. Right yeah you didn't do it because you'd be fucking dead. Now what the hell do you think our atomsphere does? All those emmisions go somewhere and it just plain old isn't good for you, like second hand smoking. So litigation which resticts emission vomiting Trucks/SUVs seems like a great fucking idea to me. They do. I don't disagree what so ever. Also using every drop of oil on the planet is a BAD idea. Switching gears is a good idea. Back to the personal freedom thing which will be a reoccuring thing througout this. You'll see it starts to get muddy. Starting small with smoking. Which would be better, letting the owner decide if his establishment is smoking or non, or letting the government decide? See the propeter always had the right to decide if thier establishment permits smoking. This means that the problem never should of gotten to the state level. Now bars have a smoking ban because non smokers feel that they have the right to go anywhere despite the owners leagally granted rights. So what makes a store owner diffrent from a truck driving gas guzzling asshole? Well the whole world being at stake for one. Still the thing is that laws are not isolated. Thery build off each other, use each other as presidents and when one law is made an eye has to be kept on what can come out of them.

Electric Cars are Crap: Yeah this argument is pretty stupid also and I remeber getting into it with my step dad ages ago. Sure electric cars are crap. I don't think anyone is really argueing with it. The thing is thought that electric cars and hybrids aren't the only kids on the block anymore. Some people figgured out how to make fuel out of this ineditable bean that grows in just about any biom ever. A point which he neatly dodged. He instead focused on the electric cars and the fact that hybrid cars are expensive and that once you have done a cost benifit analysis you'd have to drive one for about 10 years to match the money you save buying an SUV. Yeah he's right there. But the thing is that technology isn't static. As it improves costs go down, pretty soon the cost benifit anaylsis will come out ahead. Also once all the oil is gone then your cost benifit anlysis gets thrown out the window. Rush beleives that Obama will hike gas up to 4 bucks a gallon to force people to buy hybid. Honestly I don't think such measures are beyond Obama. But to write off alternative energy using cars as worthless is foolish. Also for all his talk about personal freedom he sure doesn't seem to afraid of shitting all over people who might want to think just a little greener. Where are there persona rights? Oh yeah not important they aren't the truck driving majority.

Controlling Wages- It is my lunch time so I gott wrap this up later and I can say I'll come back to it but I know I won't. This one is just scary it will let the government control the wages of all employees at gm not just the ceos. All the sudden that personal freedom shit he was ranting about early seems a little bit more logical.

Personal Freedom- Here is where Rush agrees with something I wrote earlyer during the election. I saw what he is willing to do to win and it frightened me. Now I am starting to see it again. It happens to be over a mater I agree with, so it is easy to be pragmatic about it. But what happens when I don't agree.

Rush is still an idiot.

NOM! Linguini with clam sauce awaits!

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