Monday, April 20, 2009

So its been awhile...sorry!

It hasn't been THAT long but it feels like a long time for me. Anyway I've been gone because the mission archetect came out for City of Heros, yeah just like it sounds you get to make missions and stuff. Honestly? I've been playing more than creating but I am also having a fuchovalot of fun and tanks are in super high demand which makes me happy! YAY!

I've also been reading The Kindly Ones, which is a 975 odessy involving WW2, genocide, incest, frenchmen with zepplins trying to prove the earth is flat, and I don't know what else. All that before page 400. Yeah not bad! It is decently densly written, and it is highly literary and reading it has just been an absolute delight. I will post much much more on it later.

My birthday is coming up and I will finally engage in my dream of getting to play Vampire the Eternal Struggle soon. Yeah been wanting to play this game since the 8th grade, and now I have plunked down the cash to do it. EXCITMENT!

Oh I also read Air which is something that deserves its own post.

And I reread batman rip which also deserves its own post.

So other things are going on to here and there. Mostly though, I am going to get older soon. I feel a lil meloncholy about that, cause I always do this time of year. Hopefully it will pass without a huge conglageration. Okay I am going to go to bed because it is 3:40 in the morning. NIGHT!

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Xantcha said...

Creating your own missions is alwasy alot of fun. On Final Fantasy XI we get to create our own Dungeons for players to run through. It's great ^^. Btw, hope to see me back at Anime Club this week or next week =p Also did you see my post on the Fashionitas. Thought that might be up your alley. Its freaken awesome <3 If you ever watch it let me know what you think =D