Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wake Up

Man writing fiction for the first time after taking a long break is really weird. I before E my ass that rule is bullshit. Anyway. Yeah.

To fill you in as to what the fuck I am talking about, I decided to start writting fiction again fer reals. It is important because it uses a diffrent part of my brain creatively. Yeah that is the main reason actually, I want to use as much of my brains as possible lest they break. Alot like the rest of the body the brain is, it will fall apart if it isn't used. And other shit you already know.

Sorry I am vaugly upset so this is coming out a little wierd.

ANYWAY. So I had all this writters block, writers block, block block block, then suddenly out of nowhere this story came out of nowhere. I hammered out 7ish pages of stuff, and then for variouse reasons I let it stew for a bit. Today I finnaly fixed one of the things stopping me, the printer ran out of ink and I was able to read over what I wrote and edit it.

It started off pretty rough, no doubts. But as the story progressed I could see myself waking up and writting better and better. It is kind of amazing to watch, as I started connecting important elements of the story together making for a larger whole. It isn't bad!

I had to sit down and come up with an outline as to how I wanted it to end, and I need to insert a few scenes here and there and rewrite a couple of paragraphs but that isn't so much of a big deal and I definatly look fowards to doing just that tomarrow...or maybe the day after it depends.

One of the things that really helped me out is that instead of doing a normal outline I instead made a thematic map of the story. I wrote down a bunch of themes, emotions, ideas, et cetera on a piece of paper. So that way when I wrote I could make sure that every paragraph had at least something to do with a larger idea, and it also made interthemetic reffrence much easyer. It was a great idea and I am glad I did it.

Okay I'm going to do something else cause my brain seems broke.

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