Tuesday, June 2, 2009

8 Little Things

1) So my poor little portable keyboard is kaput. This is a grave misfortune. It occures to me that I have been running in circles on this whole issue. While do like my pocket pc there are wide variety of strange and constant problems with it. It ate my novel for one. It relies on that keyboard. It is impossible to edit text with. This is pretty much my dilemea. I also really wanted an ebook reader. I wanted one hard. So I want two diffrent things with infinate portability OR one item with less portablility that does everything I want it to and more. Yeah Laptop. So I looked at ebay. Ebay really isn't the place to buy electronics. Electronics are things you need to hold, test, fiddle with, and ultimatly gamble with. However, the alternative is craigslist (fuck a new laptop). I found pleanty of servacible laptops in the 200-250 range. Seems good, people upgrade, getting rid of older modles and they are just selling off thier old crap. Crap which is my gold. Again the whole thing is less portable but I have a suspicion that the whole thing will work out much better than my current arrangement. Having a decent file sysytem will help emensly. Oh well hopeully this will work out. There are TONS of listings for cheap laptops that are decently powerful. Its good I spend all that time learning 8 tons of software piracy because now I can get the older versions of the programs I need that will actually work better.

2) Against the Day. For some reason I have this thing with long books, I always have. One could argue that serialzed fiction is another type of long book but really? There are a great number of diffrences. Little diffrences that matter to me. I mean its the english major in me. So yeah long books. Having finnished The Kindly Ones and taking a brief interlude with Everything is Iluminated I am back on the road with a 1000+ page gigabook called Against the Day. I am only 100 pages in and already more has happened than in most other books ever. It swoops between reality and magical realism, high flying pulp fiction, and gritty reality. Heh its funny because the pulp fiction part of the book is involves a troop of balloonists who travel the world under the command of a secretive organization called the Chums of Chance. I can see what is happening in the book. It is about change. The world is becoming less pulpy, the rich are terrified of the workers unionizing, the poor are blowing up the rich, tesla's technology is bearing fruit and the whole world is changing. I have a feeling that I cam going to hate this book by the time it is over. Things are going to happen that these charecters don't deserve, not even the most horrible old lady shooting charecters. Specifically, World War 1. Still it is the journey that fascinates me. I'll swipe off another hunk of it in a little bit.

3) Kingdom of Loathing! Man this run is starting to suck. My most recent Accordian Thief run went smooth as a baby's bottom. This one is going like pain. Horrible horrible pain. The weapons I need aren't droping and the items I want are coming to me slow. Still I just hit lvl 7 and I am about to kill the Boner Dragon. I think after this run I am going to pick a class, maybe spellcaster maybe muscle, but a class, and do some of the end game content. I think right now I am just tired of the ascension race and I want to do something eles for awhile in the game. The real tricky part is picking which class I want to go with. No matter I have time to puzzle it out for awhile.

4) I miss my DS. I was just getting ready to play FF Tactics Advanced 2 again. Sniffle! Oh well I will either fix it or break it as my last post mentioned. This is where I am going to take a moment though and rail on everyone who wants everything to look like an Ipod. FUCK OFF. The original ds desighn? Like a fucking tank. That thing has been dropped off of stairs, down stairs, I've dropped it onto concreate then dropped my briefcase on top of it, I've watched it sail 8 feet through the air over my head and back onto concreate, and many many other terrible things. The top screen only broke when both hinges went and the lack of support caused it to crack. I should fix it actually now that I am thinking about it. Oh well no matter. The DS lite? It just fell the fuck apart. But people wanted smoothlines and soft wuss plastic. And they got it, along with a product that has a highly fallible amount of durability.

5) Oh I finnally finnished watching Carnival. Man that was a show. It's sad how it got cancled though. I can see why though. The sad thing is that it was just before its time. I mean were the show being made now it would do so much better. It is just that the whole "HBO is the house of non shit TV" hadn't really caught on yet. Oz wasn't doing so hot after the second season, everyone may of loved the Sopranos and 6 Feet Under but Carnivale is definatly the odd duck of the group. Now though? Now? Now it would work. With True Blood, Lost, Twilight, Heros, and Harry Potter all skipping about in the mainstream this would be the perfect time to introduce Carnivale. Instead it will remain one of the greatest stories never finnished. To bad.

6) Werk. I don't mind my job really. It is okay for the most part. But fuck, FUCK do I work with some stupid stupid stupid people. That is what kills me about working there. It isn't the job itself but the sheer incompetence of the people I work with and around. Normally I don't let it get to me, I know how to make them ignore me, and I have gone for months without talking to any of them. But holy hell. Okay so I work with this man. His name is Lee. Lee is the sort of person who worries about loosing his hand to the garbage disposal but then doesn't turn on the saftey switch before sticking his hand down there. Most recently though. He wears sneakers to work so his feet get wet. This happens. His sneakers also don't fit him right so he gets blisters. This has never happened to me. Then one of his blisters gets infected and he ends up in the emergency room to get it lanced. He is out of work for a couple of days. So he comes back. YOu know what he is wearing? Oh yeah the same pair of shoes that caused the problem in the first place. So what happenes next? The infection moves to the other foot and he is out of work for a whole week. All because he is a 44 year old man who can't buy himself a sensable pair of shoes and take care of himself. Now I have to cover for him. I hate paying for other people's incompetence. I really do.

7) My head has been hurting a lot. I assume it is a brain tumor. Oh well.

8) Hrm. I'm not sure what I should do for #8. I think nothing. HA!

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Anonymous said...

Hey if you buy a laptop like that, it's an AMAZING investment to get a really good warranty on it, because then you reap the benefits of getting another one for free, and as long as you're under the warranty. Dell especially...I knew someone who went through 7 dell laptops, but only paid for two: one before warranty, and the second after he wisened up. :)