Saturday, June 27, 2009

Things you don't expect

I see people. They do things and feel things. Things that I don't do or feel. Like home sickness. That is a good example. I've seen people get homesick before. It must really suck or something like that. I dunno. I've never felt it. In fact I looked for ways to avoid going home. But you know there it is. Or the need to fit in. I've never felt that. I dunno what it is with people wanting to fit in. There are people who want to fit in to the point where they will sacrifice their beliefs or dignity. Me? Never had that problem. Or lonely or a whole bunch of other things.

However, today I am feeling one of those things I'd never expect me to feel. I call it the New Orleans Low. See I saw it happen with Sasha. She would scamper off to NO and I would wave good bye and curse my job for not allowing me to go with her. Then she would come back, pass out for a day or so, then go nuts. Not nuts like call me Jonny and insist that I killed her younger sister Abigail nuts. But pretty nuts. Stir crazy is more like it. She'd want to go do something in the worse way, but you know how pensacola is. The whole place shuts down at 6. She doesn't have a bar she likes to go to here, and even they close. There is much bouncing off of walls, and then it ends.

This is something I've never expected to go through. Yet here it is. I have this distinct desire to go places and do things. I want to go out and have fun with people, I want to stroll down avenues past trannieboys looking for action. It was a good time and I slept for a day and now I want to be back at it. I could of made it happen but it just isn't the same here. I can't tell you why. It is kind of like the same thing that made me hate south florida so much. Just something in the air.

Oh well.

In other news Shane pointed out Netbooks to me today. I might go down to bestbuy on tuesday or thursday and see what they have. I might be willing to go up to 300 if it means I can return the thing when it breaks and have all the gaurntees that something new gives you. I am absolutly not going over 300 though so I might have to hit up the interwebs. There are lots of things for 250 which have about the same amount of power as some of the stuff I was looking at on craigslist. So I might be in luck as far as all of this goes. Then I'll be able to get down to some seriouse writting!

Oh hey Kingdom of Loathing rolled over. I am off!

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