Friday, July 3, 2009

Little Slices of Life

Day 3 No Regret Yet
I very rarely feel buyers remorse. Usually this is because my purchases are planned so thoroughly ahead of time that I don’t have that problem. Of course I am human and these things do happen. So as I sit here typing up things on my new Eee machine I wonder, do I feel regret? Nope! And that’s a good thing. I am a little annoyed that I had to buy a mouse for it, however, I am incredibly happy that I did so. Best choise ever. When I pulled it out to show someone on wensday I got all sorts of questions about it so I thought I would answer them.
First of all, as long as you do only one thing at a time it works out just fine. Other than that? Prey. So having 62 billion browser windows open at the same time isn’t the best of ideas. I makes the poor computer cry. I didn’t really notice it getting bad until I had about 7-8 browser windows going at once. So for those people that like to go tab crazy don’t get one. Also wireless interwebs isn’t the fastest thing in the world, remember that.
The computer also doesn’t like having more than 4 PDF’s going at the same time. Granted I was looking at some pretty intense graphic heavy PDF files but still. Keep that number low.
It gets along well with Microsoft works I am happy to say. I kinda wanna go get Microsoft word for it but not right now. For now works supplies all I could want and ask for in a word processor, namely it stays the hell out of my way and has a menu bar that makes sense. Unlike word. God how do you fuck that up?
It plays videos just fine, but shut down everything else before you get started.
I haven’t gotten around to win amp and mp3s yet but I hope to do that in the near future. I don’t know I don’t norally write to music and that is primarly what I have this computer for so I don’t see the reason really to import anything more than a moderate mp3 collection. I like it better than the palm by far and if I have any regrets about this situation currently it is the palm pilot itself. I’m kinda waiting to move into the computer proper though until next wensday, that will either make or break whether or not I am going to keep the thing or bring it back demanding money and sexual satisfaction.
No seriously all these touchpad things are utter crap, I don’t know why they bother with them.
In other news I got a decent amount of writing done! I am actually quite pleased with myself, and it is a good sighn for future projects. This is the first time I’ve actually had tools sutible to my productivity now it is time to see if my productivity is up to task. I think it is. Soon I am going to start fleshing out the NA25 game world and getting that up to par, something I am VERY excited about. I am also going to do RPG writing for other games to get my brain meats in gear. I’m thinking SLA Industries to start with even though the people on those forums are a bunch of asshats. I might end up getting a copy of A-State and writing for that too. I haven’t decided yet. I could always do Obsidian though since I already own it. Hrm, or maybe I should dig out some of my indie games and give them shots in the arm. I haven’t decided yet. I’ll figure it out though.
Oh in other news I am a little sad. I am going to have to temporally bow out of my rp group. That sevearly disappoints me. It is just that I am between a rock and a hard place. I helped get the whole thing moved to wensday afternoons so that it would be easyer on everyone. And yet, despite that things started to immediately fall apart. Tyson has problems getting there, Brian won’t leave his house, and I just realized that I can go visit my girlfriend now. That is going to happen. However, it means giving up hanging out with my friends and ropleplaying. It was actually a pretty tough thing for me to do. Not to decide, there was no real contest, but to do. That was kinda hard. Fortunatly in the fall we are moving the day again so I’ll be able to participate. YAY!
Okay that is about it really.

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