Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SMT Devil Survivor!

Shin Megmi Tensi: Devil Survivor!
Oh yeah so I’ve been playing this game pretty hard recently. It is hard not to the game itself is fun as fuck and it is SMT on a portable. I’ve been wanting this for quite some time now. The game itself is good and if you want to know more about it go use a news sight like a big boy/girl/android/androgine/whatever. One of the main problems I am having with it however is that, well, it ever so slightly feels like a rip off of The World Ends With You.
Ugh that shit burned. Calling a SMT game a rip off of The World Ends with You is like calling War hammer a rip off of Warcraft. You just don’t do it if you know fucking anything about anything. Yet it is hard to deny. They both take place in the same part of Tokyo. That is what really gets to me. That and the visual style. The thing is that the SMT games have always had this amazingly distinctive visual style that you can recognize instantly from anywhere. You might not be able to tell what game it is right away but you are going to know it is SMT pretty much right a god damn away. Even the sprite based persona 2 lays the foundation for the sort of toned down cell shading that is found in the previouse gen SMT games. Devil survivor though? The charecters look like they are lifted right out of The World Ends with You, especially Hara and Gin. Yeah this goes beyond the idea that both of the main charecters wear headphones okay, this is about how the charecters are drawn on the screen and the way cut scenes are played out.
Oh well, like I said the game itself is amazing though and honestly it might just be a Tokyo thing and not one game copying the other. Maybe that is how people actually dress over there and they are just being true to reality. Oh well one of the mainy frustrations I have when trying to learn about Japanese culture. I want to go over there in the worst way. GAH end of lunch time to escape!

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You could always ask BiBo if you have those sorts of questions.