Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dandylions in the Wind

There that is much prettyer than box of cockroaches. But I have a lot of topics and not a lot of time.

1) NASA wants to move the earth. The sheer unbridled arrogance of these people just blows my freaking mind. I mean really? REALLY? You can't even fucking land something on Mars but directing a 100 meter object close to us but not close enough to hit us so that our orbit becomes altered is "basic rocket science" Go to hell.

2) On that same page they have a sidebar survey. Apparently the majority of that site's readers think we have the best healthcare plan in the world. Now if that isn't a case of propaganda backfiring I don't know what is. I really need to find this lecture video that does an amazing job at showing you how shit our healthcare is.

3) Time has this page full of quotes, " People wanted bigger weddings, nerwer carriages...They were buying things they didn't need" -Mervin Lehman an Amish father of 4, on why his commuinty in Indiana is struggling finacially. Man we can all take a lesson away from that.

4) I got to test out some of my theories on Marxism last night, you know the ones I just wrote a couple of posts ago. They help up well! I am excited.

5) My OC/politics thing did not do as well as I would of liked. I really need to be more agressive against media dogmaists. The experience did leave me much wiser and I am now better prepared to take on media dogmaists next time.

6) Really REALLY at the end of the day, people give the media way to much fucking credit.

7) Atlantica Online is really really fun! And I didn't hit a lick of grind until lvl 70 which is pretty god damned impressive considering the cap is 120. Although according to the story I am 6 levels behind where I should be, but I am a badass so things matter less to me.

8) I should write about the healthcare reform. I does directly effect me after all. I just don't have enough of an opinion about it either way. It is one of those things I am for and against it at the same time and the problem is far more complex than anyone is giving it credit.

9) More interesting to me is what is going on with the ecconomic stimuls but hey no one seems to want to talk about it. Fuckers.

10) I need to subscribe to harpers, the beliver and McSweenies. That is what I am doing with my christmas bonus.

11) Amanda Palmer is a worthy addtion to twitter readings.

12) I should write about twitter and my complex feelings twords it.

13) I should also get started on a SLA Industries campain because I got a feeling I am going to be running one fairly soon

14) I think I might be getting depressed. I've had to struggle harder and harder to keep my creative momentum going and when I opened this blog up my first thought was "Why up date no one reads it including you" THAT'S NOT COOL. Fuck I dun't wanna be depressed I was having fun.

15) I need to see if anything is going on with the vomit gore trilogy

16) I realized last night why I get so excited when I talk about Slaughtered Vomit Dolls and its sequel regorgitated sacrifice. It is because they are something new. It is something that I have never seen before. I am not jaded. Not by a long stretch. At the same time though Slaughtered Vomit dolls breaks new ground not just because of the vomit but also because it carves a new path into the genera of cerebral horror.

17) Watch Taxidermia. Shut up and do it. District 9 isn't that good.

18) I judge books by their covers and you know what? It works.

19) You know I realized something. I don't have a group of people. There is nowhere I can go where I will feel fundamentally welcomed. Goth's have goth clubs, gamers have game stores, and people have diffrent variety's of bars. I am...not alone. That just sounds dramatic and stupid. But I seem to get along the best where everyone in the group all looks diffrent.

20) One comment about Sasha in the reffrence to the above and I will find and kill you.

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evan said...

14) Me too. I mean, I know I've been depressed for a good long time now. I'm actually somewhat better at the moment than usual, I think. But that's not really what I'm me tooing.

For one thing, I'm me tooing the notion of having a hard time writing when I'm depressed. Lots of people seem to find their voice through unhappiness. I just never understood that. Creativity always seemed to come best for me from a place of enjoyment, not pain. Studio 60 does a few episodes on the topic. It boils down to Mathew Perry's character saying something along the lines of "I'm paid to be funny. I can't be funny when I'm feeling like this." That's not even close to a direct quote, but it's the idea.

But mostly, I'm me tooing the sentiment of feeling "what's the point" when opening up a blog post. Or anything, really. I never understood people who wrote their little stories or poems or whatever and didn't want to show it to anyone. To me, writing is for others' consumption. And when I write a blog, there's only one or two people who I think read it, and only one that I'm certain of.

But, I read all of your posts. So, you've got at least one confirmed reader.