Monday, August 3, 2009

I wonder which kidney would win

Or better yet if my Kidneys and my lungs were to have a fight which ones would win? Lungs are kinda a pussy organ so I am not so sure. I should of asked the doctor when I saw him. Yeah that was fun, no actually it wasn't that bad. See I've grown up without health insurance. My mom, my mom would always take me to fairly nice walk in clinics that would usually be located somewhere on the far side of the moon but they were clean, well lit, and the doctors non scary. My dad would take me to the most cracked out place he could find, including the emrgency room in one scary god damned hospital. Yeah even the doctor was confused as to why we just didn't go to a normal walk in clinic once. Who knows. Anyway I expected to wait. Wait for a good long time with no food or drink. I brought with me this laptop, a fully charged DS, 5 back issues of time, a pad, 7 zillion pens, and a will to heal. I was ready to dig in and be there for the long haul. SO off I went to the scary ghetto ass walk in clinic near my house. The one with the 40 dollar a visit sign out front and folding chairs in the lobby. As I walked in some sort of shit seems to have been caught abusing a fan again and a slightly paniced young man told me they were closed.

I wasn't sick I just had an ear wax blockage in my head which has to be one of the most uncomfortable things I've ever experienced. I wanted to kill that young man. He also called me bro. People who call me bro require me to make a physical effort to not crush their windpipe. I hate that kid. Oh well, so I had to go to the Baptist Medical Center. It is basicly a walk in attached to one giant ass hospital. It is the hospital that ambulances drive past to go to the better one. And yet...yet.... from my enterence into the lobby to my final exit from the lobby I wasn't there for longer than an hour and a half. Holy fuck. The longest time spent on anything was my actual procedure. I didn't even get to finnish reading one of my Time magazines which is increadble to me. Now my ears are unclogged, my sinuses have cleared up, all the pain and discomfort is gone and I no longer want to kill every living thing in a 5 mile radius.

Yeah it was bad. See here is the thing, I get sexual arousal from domination and pain. I am a migraine sufferer...wait wait. See that spelling of migrain? Yeah well it is retarded we are doing it my way from now on. Anyway, yeah migrains there have been times where I have spent hours in the bath room clutching a toilet bowl vomiting in the dark. Ever vomit in the dark? It is one of the most depressing experiences ever. Bt I couldn't have the light on because it hurt way to much. I've done this. Yet... I would rather have a migrain that all that ear bullshit. Migrains are big, dramatic and fucking spectacular let me tell you. However, they are also finite. When a migrain hits you know what the next 12-24 hours will entail. Pain! Then it will be over. Sometimes you'll need the next day to recover, especially if there is vomiting involved, sometimes you can shake off the after effects like a bad memory, either way the pain goes away and you are free to wander off.

This ear shit? Nope. It will stick around forever Until you deal with it. You could swallow sinus medication, take advil until you are shitting your stomach lining, and anything else you can think of and it will still be there. It will never go away and it will only get worse. Not only that but if I moved around to much I got fucking nauseous, I hate nausea it drives me insane. It is a really cool word though. Nausea look at it, I love the letters s-e-a, they flow so well together. Hrm. Yeah though, I am glad that is over with. I have not been having a fun time of it and I am glad my problems are solved.

Oh yeah I have an ear infection too. BULLSHIT! HOwever, I got free medicine to get rid of it which is pretty bad ass because I am poor.

Oh and I hate the irish but that is a diffrent story entirely.

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