Monday, August 17, 2009


So I was going to write out my arugments against media dogmaism but I instead spent the last half hour talking with someone about gardening and I am no longer in the mood. I'll be writting on this topic shortly I promise you. Maybe tomarrow! But not today. I feel like writting about other things.

Like my laptop. I bought one you know I am using it right now. It is an Acer EeePC, it has a usable hard drive space of 144 gigs, which is pretty snazzy, window xp, and enough ram to get around pretty nicely. It also has a web camera which I have yet to make any sort of use of. Web cams are just not something that factor into my life very well. All in all it meets or exceeds my expectations.

Some things about it though bug me. Every once in awhile the keyboard will stop responding. I think it is a .dll crashing or something along those lines. I have absoluly no idea, and it has only happened twice now. So it is a reasonably isolated incident which I am sure I can correct with a visit to the web page should it be really important. It will also start chugging if you are looking at a scanned .pdf file. THis is something that effects both dirty pirates and normal people. Personally I think that this mostly has to do with adobe not looking at the files very effectivly but who really knows at this point. Other than that it does exactly as I want, or need it to. The first thing I did with it is install a copy of X-Com UFO defense which is still more fun than sex on crack. Actually I am not so sure that sex on crack is such a good idea, I think someone might end up hurt. But you know what I mean. Dwarf Fortress, sadly, does not run very well on it. Oh well. I am thinking of stocking it with a variety of other older games from all generas as well as a mame emulator. I primarly want to be able to use this thing for work though which is what I do.

Three hours of battery life. That seems both the minimum and the maximum you are going to squeeze out of it. When I was at firestone getting new tires I turned off the wifi card, turned down the brightness, and I shut a couple of other things off with pretty much the same results. So that's nice to know. All in all it is a great little product. It is pretty much the thing I have been demanding for years now, a tiny word processor, and now I have it. Thrilling. I see people with giant laptops or even more rediculous the desktop replacement laptops, and I have to wonder why the hell those things seem like a good idea. For me this will fit all my needs for a good long time to come which is pretty exciting all and all.

I've been a lot more productive in general with it, and I can even use it in bed which is most lovely. Oh well lunch is over and I am most relaxed so this is all a good thing.

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